J Walking

A very insightful reader emailed me this:

“If the assumption of many is true that Judas Iscariot was a Jewish Zealot, then we can perhaps discern – even allegorically – that the political solution is not the worthy or productive one.

According to the gospels Jesus was King of the Jews, yet never is he seen exercising kingship in any political capacity.

Politics chops off ears. Jesus puts them back.

Politics debates with Pilate. Jesus did not.

Politics fights the enemy. Jesus loves the enemy.

Politics slaps the opponent. Jesus turns the other cheek.

Politics is about earthly kingdoms. Jesus rejected those kingdoms when tempted by Satan. And this after fasting for forty days. In the desert.

Fasting. You said, “We need a fast to gain perspective.” Absolutely. But what, ultimately, is that perspective? And to what end?

I wonder: As we fast in our own personal “deserts,” can we reject politics when tempted? Jesus did. Should we not walk accordingly?”

I don’t think Christians should permanently withdrawl from politics. I just think some perspective is needed and Jesus’ name needs to be rescued from politics. That being said, these points are powerful ones.

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