J Walking

…in December they are going to air a piece called “Welcome to the Future” with nerdy types like me talking about all sorts of different stuff. It was a great panel discussion. Jeff Greenfield of CNN, Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble with Islam Today, Amy Dickinson, advice columnist, and Ilario Pantano, a former Marine tried and acquitted of killing two Iraqi citizens.

Look for it to air on CNN starting on December 16th. As we walked out the producers were happily scratching their heads saying it was the broad range of discussion they had hoped for but that trying to edit it down to the hour-long show would be a nightmare. “Herding cats” was what they said of us.

Sometimes I think the most revealing thing a show like that could do is to show only the “off” camera talk because it is often the best. Jeff Greenfield talking about Sen.-elect Jim Webb’s long-standing feud with Sen. Kerry, discussions about the 2008 presidential race, disecting Obama and Giuliani.

I hope that the show captures the great spirit that was there.

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