J Walking

It is always so much easier to talk about walking with Jesus than it is to actually lean on Jesus. At least that has been my experience. Jesus is easier to love when I don’t need him so much because that way I get to keep him at a sort of arm’s length – near enough to enjoy but not near enough to be transformed. This is one of those times when I am so tired that I just need him so badly.

The attacks – not surprising but still trying – come now from every angle and they get more personal with every media appearance. There are, however, the bright spots. E.J. Dionne in today’s Washington Post is one of them. But why is it that the impression that those kind words leave is not nearly as deep as the impression that the bad ones (“Kuo is a member of Axis of Evil”) leave?

It comes, I think, from what Jesus talked about in John 10:10 – that the thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but He comes to give life and life abundantly.

So I choose life.

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