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True Christmas Spirit (a blog post)

posted by mpt

The true spirit of Christmas. That’s the topic that World Vision asked me to blog about. From today through December 20th, as a part of World Vision’s 12 Blogs of Christmas, more than 20 bloggers from various walks of life will be posting their own ideas about the “true spirit of Christmas” on their blogs […]

True Christmas Spirit (a blog post) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


A T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY: Win a Jedidiah Clothing designed t-shirt!

posted by mpt

GIVEN is brand new clothing line designed by the creative people at Jedidiah Clothing on behalf of World Vision. And as a longtime World Vision supporter, I’ve been given the opportunity to give one lucky (blessed?) blog reader the opportunity to win a GIVEN t-shirt of their choice! And the t-shirt designs are pretty awesome. […]

A T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY: Win a Jedidiah Clothing designed t-shirt! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


What one thing would YOU give up?!

posted by mpt

Elias and I didn’t go to Starbucks this morning. Elias didn’t get his usual donut and chocolate soy milk and I didn’t get my scone and coffee. Any time he and I go to SBux our bill ends up being around $9. But rather than giving our $10 to Starbucks this morning, we did something […]

What one thing would YOU give up?! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR



posted by mpt

All photos were taken by me. Hope you enjoy. VIVA BOLIVIA! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

VIVA BOLIVIA! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Culture shock & emotional breakdown (in the cereal aisle)

posted by mpt

This is a guest post by Nish Weiseth They said this would happen upon reentry. The shattering. Erik and Rowan picked me up at the airport. Smiles plastered wide, I embraced fully, leaned my weight into theirs and became part of the family again. Rowan’s delight in me, my return, brought back thoughts of children […]

Culture shock & emotional breakdown (in the cereal aisle) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Social Justice Exhaustion

Can I be honest? I think many of us who are engaged in the blogging world (Christian or otherwise) are suffering from a disease. Not a disease like HIV or diabetes. Maybe it’s not even a disease. Maybe it’s a […]

Meet the little girl with the Bible in her hands…

Her little hands held the Bible like she needed every word to be true, like she’d seen enough pain and felt enough heartache in the ten years that she’d been alive to know that there must be more. Her fingers […]

What happens in Vegas in Vegas… but should it?

It’s a cliche: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… And over the years, the ad agency who came up with this clever slogan has created a number of commercial campaigns that have caused many of us to giggle, shake […]

KEEPING MY PROMISE: An Open Letter to Romeo…

Dear Romeo, I doubt you remember me. We met seven months ago when I was in the Dominican Republic with World Vision. I came to your home and we chatted on your shack’s front porch for nearly an hour. I […]

BEST OF 2010: A Reworking of Dr. King’s ‘Dream’

Over the next few days I’ll be reposting a handful of my favorite posts from 2010. I wrote this one late one night (maybe morning…) while I was in Uganda. It was MLK day… and the rest is explained in […]

Transforming Lives in Zambia… #GiftAGoat

“Goat Week” continues! Watch the above World Vision-produced video to see firsthand what GOATS do for a family and village in Zambie! And then prayerfully (


As a child, I loved goats. Odd, I know, but it’s true; I had a strange fascination with goats. They were cute. They had floppy ears. And I wanted a herd of them in my family’s backyard. But my father […]

‘Justice Will Roll Down’ #WVinDR

Why DR?

Yesterday, we met our Dominican Republic sponsor child, Juan. Seriously, could you not just eat him up? World Vision threw a huge child sponsorship party, where we met our sponsor kids and many of yours too! They had the kids […]

Slum temptations

This is a picture of the slum in Santo Domingo. The slum. Look at it. Smell it. Feel it. Can you taste it? What would YOU do if you’d been born here? In the slum? In the Santo Domingo slum? […]

Out of the mouth of a ten-year-old…

Two of the World Vision Dominican Republic bloggers brought their kids with them… Andrea brought T, her 10-year old son. Like a lot of 10-year-old boys, T doesn’t say much. But behind that quiet exterior is a little guy who’s […]

A BLOG POST: Wanna see God? (if you like this post, please share…)

Wanna see God? Plant life into dirt after it’s been reborn into soil. Wanna smell God?  Chase hope around a goat pen, and when you catch it, refuse to let go when it shits on your clothes. Wanna doubt God? […]

Jesus Pictures of the Day (Please share the good news!)

Consider receiving one such child in Jesus’s name today.

A million little reasons… #WVinDR

Upon arriving at Dominican Republic’s airport, Claudia, a local World Vision representative met us at the airport. Like the World Vision employees I met when I visited Uganda in January, Claudia instantly impresses me. She carries with her a presence […]

God’s version of a Sour Patch Kid? #WVinDR

Trying new things… in the DR. More soon…

As I leave for the Dominican Republic, this is the song playing in my head… #WVinDR

Pray that we see. Pray that we become responsible. Can’t wait to share this experience with you.

faith hope & amor

I leave tomorrow for Dominican Republic. The other bloggers will join me on Monday. Please check out the blogs of the five women who will be sharing this journey with me…Click on their picture to check out their blogs! Amanda […]

My sober friend (if you like this post, please share!)

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon. I saw Carl (<-changed). Carl is one of my “gym friends,” which means I’m only friends with him because we go to the same gym. Carl’s a sixty-year-old retired business man who plays […]

I want to be first. I want to be last.

I want to be first. I WANT TO BE FIRST! I’m human after all. And American. “First” is a part of our culture. It’s in education, sports, career choices, and sometimes in church. But I want to be last, too. […]

A BLOG POST: As a child, I wasn’t…

As a child… …I wasn’t born in poverty, though I did have to wear hand-me-down clothes once in a while. Not because I needed to, but because my father was cheap. As a child… …I wasn’t lacking clean water or […]

Look who I get to meet!

We get to meet Juan! Juan isn’t a celebrity or somebody who you will recognize. Juan is Jessica and my fourth sponsor child! He’s six years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. Jessica and I are excited because in […]

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