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Ooh… among all of the crazy represented in this video, we learn that one of God’s creative miracles includes giving somebody brand new eyeballs! Awesome. Sigh. Found at Christian Nightmares

Dang. This is scary. But the captions are hilarious. Found.

SOURCE: Paula and Benny?! Seriously. This has to be a rumor, right? It has to be. Why? Well… Paula isn’t blind. And if she was, Benny would heal her and then wish he hadn’t. Because being slain in the spirit […]

I don’t get it…

Evangelist Heidi Baker begins her prophecy for Down Under with some cackling. And then she says “Shaka Baba.” I think she’s referencing one of the Ewoks by name. And then she begins–BOO BA–receiving a words–ACKA BOBAH–from God about Australia. These […]

Thoughts? Howls? Sent to me by Gymmie.

Found at Christian Nightmares.

Guys might like this. Sent in by Michael!