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I didn’t make up the title of this post; I “borrowed” it from here. Thanks to @GodlessAtheist for sending this to me!

I have no idea if this guy is serious or trying to be funny… Either way, it’s not all that funny…. Found at Jesus or Squirrel…

Thank you, Omar, for sending this in!

Ah, the adorable cuteness of some Republicans… Yes, I’m assuming the person who created this sign is a Republican… …shoot me. 🙂 Sent to me by Matt.

On Sundays, I’m going to start reposting the Top Five posts of the week for your enjoyment. So… here’s the posts that you guys LOVED/VIEWED the most this week… 5) A reason for God to destroy airports? 4) A new(?) […]

Uh…. I know for a fact that this isn’t a fake sign… why? Because my friend actually TOOK the picture… But that’s all I know… maybe a prank, maybe not… you can judge for yourself…

Sent to me by @JeremiahVik (Photo taken by his wife @DebiLayne!)

Can anybody prove this sign is real? 🙂