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Found at Joe. My. God.

According to the Huffington Post… Glenn Beck delivered a message to his critics on his Thursday television show: “go to hell.” Beck’s comments came in the middle of a nearly 19-minute monologue where he continued his theory that the protests […]

Christians Pray for Obama to be Converted Uploaded by OnKneesforJesus. – Up-to-the minute news videos. Oh dear. This is so bad. And even if your youth group did do this… WHY VIDEO TAPE IT?!

Sweet Penitentiary Alabama! The people of Alabama elected a real loving guy to be their new governor! According to CBS News… Alabama Republican Governor Robert Bentley said in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day message Monday that he does not […]

I wrote about Doug Giles here. Doug is the guy who wants his church to come with testicles. Since writing that article, it’s come to my attention that Doug has his own online TV show (I thought it was just […]

… Lurch and state (of Alaska). Palin joins Graham in Haiti. Found at Christian Nightmares.

I kid. 🙂

This gave me a headache. Found at Christian Nightmares.

Okay, so I’m not at all that surprised that the Tea Party actually trains people to give “liberal” books 1-star reviews on Twenty-something male Calvinists are trained to do the same thing whenever Brian McLaren or Rob Bell releases […]

Wow. Though I hate political ads like this one, I soooooo want to know the whole story behind “Aqua Buddha”! Is it November 3rd yet? Can we pretend? Found at Dangerous Minds!