Jesus Needs New PR

Tennessee has had a few entertaining political ads, but the ads here have been nothing compared to the ones running in Alabama!

First, remember this guy? He’s from Alabama.

And sure, his ad is humorous with a priceless ending…

…but that ad does not come close to comparing to these creative political gems from congressional candidate Rick Barber! He’s Alabama’s Tea Party activist. And he’s promising to take YOUR fight to Washington D.C.!

According to Rick’s website, he’s a product of the South. He spent his childhood in Arlington, Texas in a modest home with a Christian upbringing.

And in this first ad, Rick drops a bomb of angst and crinkled eyebrows on Islamic JEE-HAWD.

In this next ad, Rick meets with three influential dead Americans and asks them to join his campaign!

And lastly, in this ad Rick tells Abraham Lincoln what’s what!

Watching these ads, I’m inclined to believe that…

1) Rick was/is a Promise Keeper (Does Promise Keepers still exist?)
2) Rick hates maple trees because they make him think of Canada
3) Rick’s wife, when Rick’s not looking, rolls her eyes at him
4) Rick really thinks that, if Ben Franklin were alive, they would be leading a church small group together
5) Rick eats beef jerky

Video #3 found at Christian Nightmares

Ugh. I used this same exact “argument” in my freshman US History class once. My teacher was an atheist and I didn’t know. It wasn’t pretty. He was much smarter than I was, and didn’t care that I thought he was going to burn for eternity in hell. Since he didn’t care, telling him that in the middle of class wasn’t nearly as much fun as it could have been.

Wow. So embarrassed.

I feel sorry for the kid.

Found @ Stuff Fundies Like

I’m in prep mode for Theology Week. I still don’t know what week it’s happening. But I’m excited about it and I believe it will be a fun week of debate, learning, experience, and hopefully a little enjoyable.


So if you could ask a group of spiritual leaders, thinkers–people who get a paycheck to to study God–one theological question… what would it be?

All theological topics are fair game…

I love this lady. She’s just so cute. And she makes me smile. She does. She really does. I’m smiling now.

Yes, her delivery is as dry as sawdust. And too, if left to only this video presentation, I’d think the book she’s talking about sounds HORRIBLE.

But see… I totally know this woman. You know this woman, too. Maybe not THIS exact woman. But you know “her.”

My guess is that she’s a lovely lady in person. (She shouldn’t make videos.) She probably teaches a Sunday school class. (She shouldn’t use the word “doom” in context.) I bet she bakes amazing pies. (You know she’s judged a few people in her time, and probably didn’t vote for President Obama.)

And she’s no doubt wearing pantyhose.

But I love her. I probably wouldn’t want to live with her. Or listen to her give speeches. Or EVER debate politics with her. And I’d never ask her to offer a toast at a wedding.

But I love her. I do. I like her haircut.

And if I didn’t own like 22 copies of the book that she’s talking about, I might go buy it just because I like her.

You like her?

Found at Unreasonable Faith.