Jesus Needs New PR

I received the following video from… it’s a featured video over at God’s online video site. It’s titled “Christians arrested in America”…

You just gasped didn’t you? “Christians” arrested in America?!

And you were probably thinking… “What in the world is happening to our great country?!”

And then you probably thought… “This sounds scary! I don’t want to be arrested for loving Jesus in America!”

Okay, maybe not…

Anyway, the GodTube clip features members of ABN getting arrested in Dearborn, Michigan at an Arabic Festival.

Don’t ask questions. Don’t think! Don’t consider the possibility that the below video clip is a bunch of crap…

Just remember the title… “CHRISTIANS ARRESTED IN AMERICA!!!!!!” And watch the clip. Just watch. SHUT UP and watch.

According to its website, ABN is a non-denominational ministry committed to presenting the Word of God and its transforming message of Jesus Christ to Arabic and Aramaic speaking people worldwide through media…

Okay… let me get this straight…

A Christian organization committed to converting Muslims to Christianity just happens to send a few of their “television show personalities” to an Arabic festival with a video camera (for the second year in a row)…

Why? Because they wanted to annoy festival attendees get Muslims to fall in LOVE Jesus! And then put the video clips on their television show. And then send their footage to GodTube! And make you think they were arrested for being “Christian” as opposed to being arrested for disturbing the peace or just being really annoying…

I know what you’re thinking… “Even though this video is sort of fabricated, it still SCARES ME!!!! The next thing you know, President Obama will walk into our churches and arrest us for not worshiping Muhammad. Dear Jesus, help us!!”

ūüôā Happy Friday!!

It’s a short but piece in the current issue of World Magazine. A big thanks to World for taking a chance on my book! I’m grateful.

If you care to read the piece, you can download a PDF below.

Download a PDF of the World Magazine feature.

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