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Day 62 – The Strife Aquatic
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Watch the first two minutes and forty seconds of this. (You can watch it all, but this post only refers to the first 3-ish minutes.)

The first part of the 3-minutes might upset some of you because you’ll hear Jon poke some fun at Louisiana’s statewide day of prayer to God to fix the oil spill.

But after that, Jon offers an interesting and even somewhat insightful response as to why he pokes fun.

Your thoughts?

Need a little summer happiness?

Why not try some brand new acoustic mixes from David Crowder Band?

Because everybody loves David Crowder Band!

(Well, Bill Maher doesn’t like DCB, but that’s no big surprise; Bill hates Jesus.)

(And BONO.)

Anyway, David Crowder Band is releasing today an “iTunes only” 4-song acoustic album called Summer Happiness, and here’s your chance to win the brand record PLUS a copy of his last record Church Music.

But what’s cool about this giveaway is this: One lucky winner will receive “Summer Happiness” on vinyl, which won’t be available to the public.

ONE winner will receive…
Summer Happiness on vinyl
Summer Happiness digital album
Church Music on vinyl
Church Music on CD

And FOUR second prize winners will receive…
Summer Happiness on vinyl
Summer Happiness digital album
Church Music album on CD


  • Leave a comment at this blog!
  • Leave a comment EVERY TIME you TWEET or RETWEET this giveaway! (A link to this giveaway and “@crowderband” must be included in the 140 characters.)
  • Leave a comment if you “like” me on Facebook book or begin “liking” me on Facebook.
  • Leave a comment if you FOLLOW this blog’s feed or add this blog’s feed to your reader!
  • Leave a comment if you mention/link this giveaway on your blog, Facebook page, or MySpace…

Good luck!

**DISCLAIMER**Matthew Paul Turner or receives no compensation for this post (if he did, he’d tell you!). “David Crowder Band” prizes will provided by EMI CMG Label Group. Winners will be chosen using

Poor guy. Glad he didn’t get hurt!

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