Jesus Needs New PR

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Guys might like this.

Sent in by Michael!


First, for all you literary peeps out there, here’s the perfect example of an “eye rhyme.” You know, two words that LOOK like they should rhyme, but don’t.

Next, we see a sign offering us another way to say “Jesus Love You!” and a guy wearing an interesting Jesus t-shirt!

When I found the following picture, I thought it’s headline was funny: Warning Jesus Crossing

A humorous Facebook fail…

The next picture’s title was this: Tea Party Jesus

Somebody thought it would be funny to create “Gymnastics Jesus”…

And there’s this image…

Take the cigarette out of this next picture, and I think you get Catalyst Convention Jesus!

One church gets “creative” when deciding what to name its on-campus coffee shop…

And yet another balloon Jesus…

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