Jesus Needs New PR

Dear Louisiana residents, Please don’t show up for church on Sunday unprepared… remember to…

Bring your Bible.

Bring your notepad.

Bring your highlighter.

Bring your handgun.

In Portugal. Not in the U.S.
Now breath…

Again, I repeat: Jesus is on the cover of Playboy IN PORTUGAL.

I don’t want anybody to hyperventilate or have a heart attack. You can rest easy knowing that America’s Jesus is safe and sound wherever it is you keep him. Okay?

Keep breathing.

There is no need to start calling your congressman or congresswoman. They can’t help you. And calling the 700 Club prayer line will not change things in Portugal.

God is still sitting on his throne. Or he’s in your nightstand if you happen to keep him there.

YES, this is a controversial move. (<-The story is here. And no, it does not link to Playboy–sorry guys.)

But here’s the gist:

According to the article…

The (JESUS) imagery has an ostensibly literary purpose: As Robert Quigley notes,

Last month, Nobel literature laureate José Saramago died: A national hero in Portugal, he was the only Portuguese-language writer to win the Nobel literature prize.

Saramago was an atheist, and one of his most famous novels was titled The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo), depicting a flawed and human Jesus: You can see the book’s title engraved into the headboard of the bed on the Playboy cover.

Your thoughts?

Your prayers?

Perhaps some divine intervention?