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Elias and I are home in Maryland for a few days. Our flying home was a surprise for my parents. On Saturday night, my three sisters and I threw Mom and Dad a 50th Wedding Anniversary party. It was pretty […]

To read my wife’s post about it, click here. Needless to say, we both are really excited.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Elias’s journey through the “Terrible Twos.” Well, he’s still two. And he’s still, on occasion–though I hate saying this word as it relates to my son–terrible. But it’s true. Twice, I’ve thought about […]

My friend Jason Boyett invited me to write about “doubt” for his blog series on the topic. I was honored. I hope you enjoy… Okay, so my name is Matthew and I’m a doubter. (Shall we drink to that?) The […]

I just returned this morning from Milwaukee. Jessica‘s sister, Melissa, was married this weekend. My sister-in-law’s wedding went beautifully. Elias ran down the aisle when he was supposed to… And then three minutes later, he ran right back up the […]

You’ve probably heard this song (“Love the Way You Lie”) by Eminem (with Rihanna). Warning: The above version is the unedited version, so keep that in mind if there are children around. I’m not a big fan of rap music. […]

The following is a short excerpt of my next book, Good God: Why Embracing the Questions, Hope, and Punch Lines of Our Faith Helps Me Believe. The first draft of the manuscript has been handed in, and I’ll begin rewrites […]

Who is the greatest among us?! Me? You? Both of us? (Can we ride together to save gas and the environment?) When he witnessed Peter, James, and John arguing about who would be the greatest among them, Jesus said… In […]

This is a screen shot of the terms that people have Googled or Binged today and then somehow found my blog. Two of the listings include “Mark Driscoll.” And they made me smile, so I thought I’d share them with […]