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Cute face…

posted by mpt

Cute face… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Cute face… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Matthew & Jessica: Our love story…

posted by mpt

Tomorrow is Jessica and my wedding anniversary. In 2004, we married at a church in Milwaukee. Surrounded by 200 people, family and friends, we committed our souls to love, hope, and forgive each other until death takes one of us home. I met Jessica while I was working at CCM. The first time we chatted, […]

Matthew & Jessica: Our love story… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Swinging Elias…

posted by mpt

Swinging Elias… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Swinging Elias… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Hold Onto This (a gift I bought Sara…) #ChooseJoy

posted by mpt

When Sara was buried, wrapped around her hands were two rosaries. One of those rosaries was pink and cost exactly $5.60. I would know because I bought that rosary for Sara when I was in Bolivia. Since I was in a country known for its Catholic history, I assumed that I’d find a multitude of […]

Hold Onto This (a gift I bought Sara…) #ChooseJoy is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

TONIGHT at 6:30 CST: @gitzengirl’s Memorial Service Will Be Streamed Live #ChooseJoy

posted by mpt

Free desktop streaming application by Ustream TONIGHT at 6:30 CST: @gitzengirl’s Memorial Service Will Be Streamed Live #ChooseJoy is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

TONIGHT at 6:30 CST: @gitzengirl’s Memorial Service Will Be Streamed Live #ChooseJoy is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

A deep breath for my friend Sara…

posted by mpt

Our friend Sara is with God today. Laura, her sister, called Jessica around 11:30 last night. I was sitting on the couch, bouncing Adeline in her bouncy with my foot. I heard Jessica walking down the hallway. Tears rolling down both sides of her cheeks, she looked at me and said, “Sara’s gone.” For almost […]

A deep breath for my friend Sara… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Mourn deeply…

posted by mpt

Jessica touches base with Sara’s sister, Laura, twice a day. Pray for Laura. This afternoon she told Jess that it was really difficult seeing her little sister so still, quiet. Please continue to pray or send your thoughts to all of Sara’s family. Loosing Sara is hitting them hard, and in different ways… Much like […]

Mourn deeply… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Thank God for Sara (a social media story)

posted by mpt

Jessica spoke with Sara’s sister, Laura, this morning. Sara’s resting well, only feeling a small portion of the pain she’s endured for so many years. When awake, she listens to members of her family read the messages that people from all over the world are leaving on Twitter, Facebook, and at her blog. The meds […]

Thank God for Sara (a social media story) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Oh, how my heart aches (a blog post)

posted by mpt

My heart aches today. I’ve cried today more than I haven’t cried. I’ve cried for my sweet friend Sara. For me. For us. For all of us lucky enough to have sat under her light. And what a light Sara has been in my life, my family’s life. Hers is a bright light. And while […]

Oh, how my heart aches (a blog post) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

A BLOG POST: My Aunt Ruth Ann died…

posted by mpt

I found out yesterday that my aunt died. Years had gone by since I’d seen my father’s youngest sister. When I was nine, she and her family moved from Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Montana. But I remember her well. Aunt Ruth Ann babysat me when I was three and four while my mother worked. So […]

A BLOG POST: My Aunt Ruth Ann died… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

My greatest career mistake involves a former Christian superstar (shirtless)

Now before you judge me, let me explain. Or try to explain… When I started working at, a friend of mine was working at EMI Christian music group and in charge of securing “reviews” for the cover of Carman’s […]

Rob Bell's answer to my question…

Remember when I said that I had asked Rob Bell a question last week when he was here in Nashville? Well somebody got video of Rob’s answer… My question was: “Rob, we’ve focused a lot of time and attention of […]

What Christian Fundamentalism Leaves Behind: An Angry Blog Post

One of the questions that I get quite often is this: Are you angry? The answer to that question changes. Today the answer is no, I’m not angry. Two days ago the answer would have been eh, maybe a little. […]

'Good Days' (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 in my own words)

Sometimes I like taking scripture and retelling the story or rewriting the prose using my own words. This morning I was reading King Solomon’s familiar words in Ecclesiastes 3. I decided to write it down using my own… Good Days […]

Maybe I need new PR

Google Alerts brought this to my attention, one blogger’s list of Twitter accounts that he/she thought people should follow. And guess what? I was one of them. Nice, huh? I thought so too! And for a split second I was […]

Questions for God…

Matthew Paul Turner-On Questions from Cross Point Church on Vimeo. Some of you have seen this… I posted this video a year or so ago. But lately I received a lot of comments and email inquiries about it, so I […]

This is me in August 1993…

August 1993. I was working on a mullet. Jean shorts were actually cool. I thought that t-shirt was cool. Right above my head I’d hung a poster of Amy Grant. I’d never been to a movie theater. Or heard of […]

This Made My Day…

Once in awhile a reader will send me an email that stands out from the others. Hard to explain. It’s not that it’s better than the other letters I receive; there’s just something special about it… I think you’ll agree […]

I love when @jessicanturner leaves town because…

uh… I find notes around the house… like this one I found this morning in one of the kitchen cabinets… Sweet, huh? But I can’t wait for her to return tomorrow night.

I’ve started a new blog!

I’ve started a new blog… Click here…

Fifty Years Ago…

Elias and I are home in Maryland for a few days. Our flying home was a surprise for my parents. On Saturday night, my three sisters and I threw Mom and Dad a 50th Wedding Anniversary party. It was pretty […]

Elias & Daddy have some BIG NEWS to share!

To read my wife’s post about it, click here. Needless to say, we both are really excited.

A PARENTING POST: Going Through the Wonderful Passionate Curious Happy Lovable Twos!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Elias’s journey through the “Terrible Twos.” Well, he’s still two. And he’s still, on occasion–though I hate saying this word as it relates to my son–terrible. But it’s true. Twice, I’ve thought about […]

The Best Part About Going Through the ‘Terrible Twos’!

WARNING: My Doubt Might Hurt You

My friend Jason Boyett invited me to write about “doubt” for his blog series on the topic. I was honored. I hope you enjoy… Okay, so my name is Matthew and I’m a doubter. (Shall we drink to that?) The […]

A BLOG POST: My Favorite Part of a Wedding

I just returned this morning from Milwaukee. Jessica‘s sister, Melissa, was married this weekend. My sister-in-law’s wedding went beautifully. Elias ran down the aisle when he was supposed to… And then three minutes later, he ran right back up the […]

Can You (I) Handle Eminem’s (My) Truth?

You’ve probably heard this song (“Love the Way You Lie”) by Eminem (with Rihanna). Warning: The above version is the unedited version, so keep that in mind if there are children around. I’m not a big fan of rap music. […]

Holy Cheating (an excerpt from “Good God”)

The following is a short excerpt of my next book, Good God: Why Embracing the Questions, Hope, and Punch Lines of Our Faith Helps Me Believe. The first draft of the manuscript has been handed in, and I’ll begin rewrites […]

So… who is the greatest among us?

Who is the greatest among us?! Me? You? Both of us? (Can we ride together to save gas and the environment?) When he witnessed Peter, James, and John arguing about who would be the greatest among them, Jesus said… In […]

Searching ‘Mark Driscoll’

This is a screen shot of the terms that people have Googled or Binged today and then somehow found my blog. Two of the listings include “Mark Driscoll.” And they made me smile, so I thought I’d share them with […]

Why I believe in God today

Yesterday, I ran into one of my gym acquaintances, a thirty-year-old named Gabe (name changed) who I hadn’t seen since April or March. This is how our conversation went… “Hey Gabe. How’s it going?” “I’m doing all right; haven’t seen […]

My Wife, A Blog Video Star!

While in New York City, Jessica joined several other influential bloggers in a round-table discussion about “Celebrity Worship.” This clip is a part of an ongoing series of conversations called the Responsibility Project (The series is sponsored by Liberty Mutual). […]

Need a reason to smile this morning?

JACK: A blog post about eggs & chicken sh*t

I know Jack (the man wearing the pinstriped shirt in the above picture). Or I should say I knew Jack. I haven’t seen (or thought of) Jack in years. But while watching NBC Nightly News the other night, that changed. […]

Me @ 23

This is me at 23. It’s May 1996. I was graduating from college–Belmont University. (Yes, I carried my Bible with me across the platform.) My sister Kelley is on the right and my friend Julie is on the left.

Some clarification about my blog…

Good morning. Okay, so while I was sleeping I received a handful of emails about my post regarding Rick Warren’s Tweet, so let me clarify a couple things. I like Rick Warren. I’ve met him twice and thought he was […]

This is proof that God hated me in 1992…

Wow. I hate Facebook. That cute little girl at the bottom of this picture (she’s like 20 now) posted this photo on her Facebook page.I hate her. (Kidding.) What in the world was I thinking? Yes. I know. I looked […]

Nothing but the truth, so help me blog? (a post about honesty)

I wish I had a dollar every time I’ve heard a Christian say something like… Ah, this is so honest… …she’s so authentic. …he’s so real. Blah blah blah… Can I be honest? Do we really want people to be […]

A BLOG POST: Go ahead; criticize me. (**this post contains asterisks**)

I started writing this post in February. At the time, I’d received a very hateful letter from somebody who follows me on Facebook. If I’d posted these words then, it would have been in retaliation. Now, it’s simply a post […]

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