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Death Without God: A non-believer’s journey through loss (a guest post by LRA)

posted by mpt

The following is a guest post by my friend (and frequent reader of this blog) LRA… When Matthew invited me to write a guest post for Jesus Needs New PR, I knew what I wanted to write about: my Grandmother’s death. Since then, and in light of recent posts about Matthew’s friend, Sara, I decided […]

Death Without God: A non-believer’s journey through loss (a guest post by LRA) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


AWESOME: The Colbert Report on ‘God’s Job Performance’

posted by mpt

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c God’s Job Performance – Jim Martin Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive Thank you, Lindsey, for the heads-up on this. AWESOME: The Colbert Report on ‘God’s Job Performance’ is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

AWESOME: The Colbert Report on ‘God’s Job Performance’ is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


God, I need $200: The Politics of Prayer

I wrote the following essay 18 months ago, at a time when Jessica and I were struggling to make ends meet. This is part 1. Part 2 will post tomorrow. It’s Tuesday morning and I am sprawled out in the […]


Donald Trump's interview with 'The 700 Club'

Some of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I believe in God. I am Christian. I think the Bible is certainly, it is the book, it is THE thing.” “Well I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. […]

Three things God CANNOT do!

Found at Christian Nightmares!

The Trinity has never looked so badass

Whoa. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit look NOTHING like I expected. Equally yoked together, this trio looks completely badass. Don’t they? Even Jesus appears way more “Use the Force, Luke” than I imagined him […]

This 3-year-old loves God!

Sent to me by Jennifer!

Is Lady Gaga a Calvinist?! 'Born This Way' praises capital H.I.M.

Lady Gaga’s brand new single released to radio today. “Born This Way” mentions God (or his pronoun) several times… It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ‘Cause you were Born This Way, […]

Proof that God is good…

Thank you to Brent for sending this to me!

THIS IS FAKE NEWS: Pat Robertson blames blizzard on….?

Pat Robertson’s smoking the wacky weed again. This time he’s speaking out about the recent blizzard that hit the Northeast over the holiday weekend… Wanna know why Pat thinks God sent the blizzard? Because of GAY PEOPLE! Yes, gay people. […]

WARNING: My Doubt Might Hurt You

My friend Jason Boyett invited me to write about “doubt” for his blog series on the topic. I was honored. I hope you enjoy… Okay, so my name is Matthew and I’m a doubter. (Shall we drink to that?) The […]

A POST ABOUT BULLYING: Will we speak up or will we be silent?

Most of us have a bullying story–our story, a friend’s story, a family member’s story… I do. I went to a Christian school that boasted a high school (7th through 12th grade) of 40 students. Some years it was close […]

A BLOG POST: My Favorite Part of a Wedding

I just returned this morning from Milwaukee. Jessica‘s sister, Melissa, was married this weekend. My sister-in-law’s wedding went beautifully. Elias ran down the aisle when he was supposed to… And then three minutes later, he ran right back up the […]

Monkeys and God…

This review of @RachelHeldEvans‘ Evolving in Monkey Town is written by Adam Ellis. The problem with polarized arguments is that both sides end up arguing for something stupid…against something equally stupid…with no way forward.  One of the major problems with […]

The Atheist’s Hymnal!

This is awesome… And Steve Martin is hilarious. Thanks to @RockingReverend for sending this to me.

Evangelizing at the pump! Now, you can get gas and God.

Wait a minute. Green? Yellow? Is this a BP station?! Found at Christian Nightmares.

Passive aggressive notes from God

Ryan (a reader) sent this to me this morning. He found it at Go read the rest of the post. It’s funny and telling. Also, check out the book Passive Aggressive Notes, it’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure the Book […]

N.T. Wright on America’s ‘Adam & Eve’


Two signs of God

Is this bumper sticker the new Jesus fish?!

“Saw this sticker on a car’s bumper today! Right next to a ‘Jesus fish’!” -A blog reader Would you display this on YOUR bumper?

At his Glenn Beck & call: one pastor responds

This post is written by pastor and all around good guy (my friend) Adam. OK. It makes my wife nervous when I wade into these kinds of discussions, especially when I do it publicly. Now, for the record, I claim […]

A BLOG POST: Wanna see God? (if you like this post, please share…)

Wanna see God? Plant life into dirt after it’s been reborn into soil. Wanna smell God?  Chase hope around a goat pen, and when you catch it, refuse to let go when it shits on your clothes. Wanna doubt God? […]

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Bad nativity…
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