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Happy Friday Night!

According to the church’s YouTube site, this video was recorded for… This video supported a live performance of the song during our “I Love the 80s” series. Pastor David Hughes was speaking on the topic of Baptism. He encouraged the […]

Found at Christian Nightmare.

Click here to read the TRUE HILARIOUS STORY of this photo being used in an actual 2007 church service. IT INCLUDES THIS DETAIL… After the teaching, [the pastor] called the ushers forward to serve communion and instructed the video person […]

Thoughts? Howls? Sent to me by Gymmie.

Combine REAL quotes from Tea Party members… with fake pictures of Jesus… And you get the hilarious blog Tea Party Jesus.

Found at Joe. My. God.

Could your faith turn on a nightlight? 🙂

**I do not know if this sign is real or not** Via.

So, ladies, don’t be a baaaaaad girl. Be a baaaaa girl. And only baaaaa for Jesus. That’s today’s lesson. Are ewe listening? Found.