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This video has begun making the rounds… UPDATE: Here’s the girl’s YouTube page. SECOND UPDATE: She’s SATIRE?! I felt for it hook line and sinker. 🙂

Things get exciting and “spirit filled” around the 4-minute mark. Apparently the Greek word for again is ‘palin’… Oh oh oh boy. Via Dangerous Minds and American Jesus…

Found at Christian Nightmare!

Christian Nightmare is the ideal category for this video. PLEASE do not view this video if children are close enough to see or hear. I find manipulative videos like this to be the exact opposite of how “life” should be […]

Clay sent this to me. I tried to go to Westboro’s site myself and got this message… So… maybe… just maybe Anonymous is winning 1 to nothing. Or Westboro is busy adding more hate to their blog. Time will tell… […]

Thanks Joel for sending this to me! And as Joel commented in his tweet, somebody make some popcorn; this could be fun. You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that Westboro’s antics were satire.

Hacker-group “Anonymous” has issued the folks at Westboro Baptist Church a warning: Stop or else! Or else what?! Well, you can read their open letter to WBC for yourself… Open Letter to Westboro Baptist Church AN OPEN LETTER FROM ANONYMOUS […]

A Bliss Bash! I so want to (WHOA!) go to his (Pfft. Pfft. Pfft.) conference and see this (Giggity Giggity) insanity for myself. Toward the end of this commercial, he actually Cock-A-Doodle-Doos. But seriously, is this guy real? What is […]

Wow. This clipping was Tweeted to me by Jonathan. And then I Googled the headline… and it seems to be real.

Warning: This is post is pointless. POINTLESS!! Seriously… Yes, this is a post about absolutely nothing–pure satanic NOTHING. The following are 5 things I think Satan had a hand in making… 1) LINEN I hate linen. Why? Because I think […]