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Filled or filed? Sent to me by Les!

Say the words on this sign three times aloud to a coworker, friend, or spouse. Chances are, by the third time, this sign will make absolutely no sense at all… But… By all means, don’t think about the words on […]

This picture was taken and sent to me by Michael!

Sent to me by Mike!

Photo was sent/taken by David… in Milwaukee.

This United Methodist church in Colorado is so savvy. And it might work. I mean, if you still play organ music and your pews are hard wood… this could be one way to get the youngsters to attend and endure… […]

This picture was taken in Miami Gardens, FL… Sent to me by @joeleastlick

Sent to me by James.

They just referred to God as an app…. Thanks to Melinda for sending this in!