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Armed with one scathing review (any guesses which one?), MSNBC’s Martin Bashir entered into dialogue with Rob Bell like he was Jonathan Edwards and Bell was a spider. Martin dangled Bell over his theology as if to tease him with […]

As of noon, this was the list of “search terms” for today… Oh, and the last time I checked Rob’s book was #19 on

If you’re offended, send hate mail (or Tweets!) to THIS GUY! If you’re curious about the book, here’s the Amazon link…

The folks at Lifeway Christian Stores agree: You’re old enough to make difficult decisions like whether or not you should read Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz.” And… you get to make that decision without Lifeway’s warning to “use your gift […]

While she probably doesn’t remember me, I know Betty Wiseman. She’s an amazing woman–she’s kind with a big heart for people. When I was at Belmont University, Ms. Wiseman was the Women’s Basketball Coach as well as the Square Dance […]

I read this story on After finding this book on my doorstep, I looked up to see that everyone on my floor had one on their doorstep as well. After taking a walk, I saw them on EVERY SINGLE […]

This book. Ann Voskamp’s little book is currently #9 on! I’ve never seen anything quite like this…the book has only been out for 1 week! And for four-and-half of those seven days, it’s been sitting in the Top 15! […]

I just learned about Living Social. (It’s like Groupon…) And TODAY they’re selling $20 AMAZON gift cards for $10! Click here to buy. I’m told that this will likely sellout, so go get yours now. Enjoy!

Released in July, the book is relatively new… Here’s the book’s description: With My Rifle by My Side is a story written for young children to encourage an appreciation and respect for appropriate firearm use. It is a charming children […]

A friend on Facebook sent me this photo… The friend wrote… So, we invite our Children’s Director on vacation to Mexico with us and THIS is the view we get for two whole days! Thank You Matthew Paul Turner. Thank […]