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My favorite books, television, and music of 2011!

posted by mpt Widgets What are some of your favorites?! My favorite books, television, and music of 2011! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

My favorite books, television, and music of 2011! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Are YOU prepared for 2012? (HINT: You’re not)

posted by mpt

My friend Jason Boyett has released his first ebook, a pocketguide to 2012! And for a very limited time you can download it for only $1.99! Here’s why you should buy it. 1.) Jason is a damn good writer. He’s witty, intelligent, and far more skilled (as a writer) than most authors with Christian publishing […]

Are YOU prepared for 2012? (HINT: You’re not) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Man flirts with God…

posted by mpt

This looks interesting… ACCORDING TO THE BACKCOVER COPY: When a health scare puts him in the hospital, Eric Weiner-an agnostic by default-finds himself tangling with an unexpected question, posed to him by a well-meaning nurse. “Have you found your God yet?” The thought of it nags him, and prods him-and ultimately launches him on a […]

Man flirts with God… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR


Pastor Ed Young’s ‘Sexperiment’ wants to put the ping back in your pong… (*shivers*)

posted by mpt

Thank you Jenny. Pastor Ed Young’s ‘Sexperiment’ wants to put the ping back in your pong… (*shivers*) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Pastor Ed Young’s ‘Sexperiment’ wants to put the ping back in your pong… (*shivers*) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Taking Mark Driscoll’s name in vain…

posted by mpt

Disclaimer. This post is not about Mark Driscoll. I’m sorry. I know you’re disappointed. To be honest, I only used Mark’s name to get you to come here. Some of you never visit my blog unless Mark’s name is in the title. I know what you’re thinking: WTM? Love him or hate him or hate […]

Taking Mark Driscoll’s name in vain… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Christian Zombie Killers (a book for teens)

posted by mpt

Christian Zombie Killers (a book for teens) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Christian Zombie Killers (a book for teens) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Fundamnetalist performs book investigation at Wal-mart

posted by mpt

A YouTube user named “GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV” offers us his take on the filthy God-forsaken teen and Christian book sections at Wal-mart. SOURCE. This link was sent to me by JC. Fundamnetalist performs book investigation at Wal-mart is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Fundamnetalist performs book investigation at Wal-mart is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Speak up (you’re not alone)

posted by mpt

The following post is by my friend (and frequent reader of this blog) Alise D. Wright. If we met in real life, within just a few minutes you would realize that you will never, ever have a problem hearing me. I have what some might call a distinct voice. Most will probably just call it […]

Speak up (you’re not alone) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

In his new book, Pat Buchanan predicts America’s suicide

posted by mpt

First of all, who the heck is Patrick J. Buchanan?! And secondly, is Pat Buchanan still relevant? Maybe he’s relevant to the 62 people who watch MSBNC on a regular basis. But to the rest of us? Obviously, somebody must think his words/opinions matter, because the man sells a boatload of books… I tend to […]

In his new book, Pat Buchanan predicts America’s suicide is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Pete Rollins new book! To believe is human to doubt, divine

posted by Stephen Lamb

A post by Stephen Lamb. Reading the first chapter of Peter Rollins’ new book, Insurrection – which comes out this week; read the first chapter here – and his exploration of the way the church often uses the idea of God as nothing more than a deus ex machina, I was reminded of news I […]

Pete Rollins new book! To believe is human to doubt, divine is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Enter to win Brennan Manning’s memoir ‘All is Grace’! (Please share)

posted by mpt

Brennan Manning’s brand new book (his first memoir!) releases next Tuesday. But I’m giving away TEN COPIES here at the blog today… (DETAILS ABOUT GIVEAWAY ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST…) The book is called All Is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir and if you don’t win one of the 10 copies today, most of […]

Enter to win Brennan Manning’s memoir ‘All is Grace’! (Please share) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Friday. Friday. JoelOsteenLovesFridays!

posted by mpt

You gotta case of the Fridays?! Work it. According to Joel Osteen, it doesn’t get any better than Friday. So… imagine feeling what you feel like on Friday EVERY day of the week. Yes! Dateline every single day of the week! But yeah, Fridays are AWESOME. Well, unless you’re a network television show that airs […]

Friday. Friday. JoelOsteenLovesFridays! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

The worst Christian book cover ever?

posted by mpt

Maybe not the worst. I’ve seen some pretty awful Christian fiction book covers, but this is definitely in the top ten. Let’s have some fun and rename this cover… And here, the word “Ekklesia” sounds like something that requires a Z-pak. (Despite the cover, it’s doing pretty well at The worst Christian book cover […]

The worst Christian book cover ever? is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

A quote from Brennan Manning’s memoir…

posted by mpt

“Ragamuffins have a singular prayer: God, be merciful to me, a sinner. Any additional flourishes to make that cry more palatable are pharisaical leaven. WARNING: Mine has been anything but a straight shot, more like a crooked path filled with thorns and crows and vodka. Prone to wander? You bet. I’ve been a priest, then […]

A quote from Brennan Manning’s memoir… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Some dirt on pornography and women

A couple weeks ago, my friend Crystal Renaud released her book Dirty Girls Come Clean. The book is about pornography and sex and Crystal’s journey of recovery. The book is written primarily for Christian women, but I think some Christian […]

A review of Rob Bell's 'Love Wins'

The following review is by Adam Ellis The fact that Rob Bell’s new book is considered controversial is as much a testimony to the marketing prowess of HarperOne (not to mention the unintentional marketing prowess of some critics), as it […]

We now know what's wrong with Ann Coulter…

When I saw the title of Ann’s new book, I immediately assumed it was an autobiography or at the very least a personal memoir. But alas, it seems that Ann has either completely lost it or she’s actually writing satire […]

WHAT ROB BELL BELIEVES (A response to his critics…)

Sent to me by Marilyn…

Rob Bell's Nashville visit: A few thoughts

Last night I heard Rob Bell talk about Love Wins at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center. I’ve met Rob before, but this was the first time I was able to hear him preach/speak live. I tried taking notes. But since […]

The Today Show's interview with the boy who went to heaven

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The book about Colton Burpo’s journey–Heaven is Real–is number one on It’s been in the top five for weeks. I haven’t read the book, so I only […]

Martin Bashir's 'interview' with Rob Bell

Armed with one scathing review (any guesses which one?), MSNBC’s Martin Bashir entered into dialogue with Rob Bell like he was Jonathan Edwards and Bell was a spider. Martin dangled Bell over his theology as if to tease him with […]

What the Bell?

As of noon, this was the list of “search terms” for today… Oh, and the last time I checked Rob’s book was #19 on

'Christian book' title of the day!

If you’re offended, send hate mail (or Tweets!) to THIS GUY! If you’re curious about the book, here’s the Amazon link…

Lifeway to drop 'warning label' from books!

The folks at Lifeway Christian Stores agree: You’re old enough to make difficult decisions like whether or not you should read Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz.” And… you get to make that decision without Lifeway’s warning to “use your gift […]

When BAD book titles happen to GOOD people!

While she probably doesn’t remember me, I know Betty Wiseman. She’s an amazing woman–she’s kind with a big heart for people. When I was at Belmont University, Ms. Wiseman was the Women’s Basketball Coach as well as the Square Dance […]

Man irate about 'Jesus Freaks' showing up at his front door!

I read this story on After finding this book on my doorstep, I looked up to see that everyone on my floor had one on their doorstep as well. After taking a walk, I saw them on EVERY SINGLE […]

At number 9!

This book. Ann Voskamp’s little book is currently #9 on! I’ve never seen anything quite like this…the book has only been out for 1 week! And for four-and-half of those seven days, it’s been sitting in the Top 15! […]

Get a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 (not spam…)

I just learned about Living Social. (It’s like Groupon…) And TODAY they’re selling $20 AMAZON gift cards for $10! Click here to buy. I’m told that this will likely sellout, so go get yours now. Enjoy!

‘With My Rifle by My Side': A Book about God and Guns for Children!

Released in July, the book is relatively new… Here’s the book’s description: With My Rifle by My Side is a story written for young children to encourage an appreciation and respect for appropriate firearm use. It is a charming children […]

Taking ‘Me’ On Vacation…

A friend on Facebook sent me this photo… The friend wrote… So, we invite our Children’s Director on vacation to Mexico with us and THIS is the view we get for two whole days! Thank You Matthew Paul Turner. Thank […]

An Author You NEED To Know/Read…

Meet the lovely Ms. Ann Voskamp… She’s a wife. She’s a mother of six adorable children. She lives on a 600(?) acre farm with several thousand pigs. Oh, and she just so happens to be a brilliant photographer and a […]

Celebrating with a friend!

My friend Jennifer co-wrote this book: Unshaken: Rising from the Ruins of Haiti’s Hotel Montana. And I’m so proud of her. Why? Because the New York Post reviewed the book! And the review is glowing! The reviewer wrote… In Haiti […]

‘Don’t buy THIS book. Don’t buy THIS book. Don’t buy THIS book!’

“THIS book” would be my book Churched. And that advice comes from an reviewer… Mamastiks writes… Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Very sacrilegious and a gross exaggeration of what “goes on” in […]

INVISIBLE PEOPLE: Stop Talking and Start Loving

The following post is written by my friend and fellow writer Kevin D. Hendricks. I asked Matthew to help promote my new book and he threw it back to me, asking me to write a guest post. So here I […]

A GUEST POST: How Matthew Paul Turner almost ruined my life

Today’s post is written by author Joel Heng Hartse. Hope you enjoy Joel’s piece and then go buy his book. A few months ago, I got a message from a friend about a new  book she thought I would be […]

In honor of Veteran’s Day, download a ‘service’ devotional for FREE (Please share!)

Happy Veteran’s Day! In celebration and honor of our United States servicemen and servicewomen, here’s a special gift (a FREE book) for you and your friends. That free book is called Strength for Service! Since World War II, more than […]

A Bible FOR Princesses ABOUT Princesses!

It’s My Princess Bible! And by the looks of the cover, the ‘Princess Bible’ includes the amazing Biblical stories of (from left to right) Gloria Estefan, Miley Cyrus, some ethnic woman, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Winslet (or She-Ra–hard to tell). […]

‘Hear No Evil’ has been nominated for an award #INSPY

A few weeks ago, I learned that my book Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost was nominated for an INSPY Award in the “Creative Non-Fiction” category. (Click here to learn about INSPY Awards.) I […]

Does God Play Football? (Win @Chad_Gibbs Book)

This is a guest post by my friend Chad Gibbs, the author of the very thoughtful and hilarious God and Football. (You can follow him on Twitter here… @chad_gibbs) Last week when I excitedly told my wife that Matthew Paul […]

2010’s Christian Book Burning is ON!

As you can see, Pastor Marc is crazy excited about this year’s book burning. And once again, I’m frustrated… Why? Because books by ME aren’t on Pastor Marc’s list! Well, unless I’m included in the “and many many more…” But […]

WHAT THE? A show called ‘Good Christian Bitches’ is coming to ABC

What in the world? A show called Good Christian Bitches is coming to ABC according to this report… After a fierce bidding war, ABC has acquired a Darren Star-produced series based on the Kim Gatlin novel Good Christian Bitches—but it […]

Monkeys and God…

This review of @RachelHeldEvans‘ Evolving in Monkey Town is written by Adam Ellis. The problem with polarized arguments is that both sides end up arguing for something stupid…against something equally stupid…with no way forward.  One of the major problems with […]

Holy Cheating (an excerpt from “Good God”)

The following is a short excerpt of my next book, Good God: Why Embracing the Questions, Hope, and Punch Lines of Our Faith Helps Me Believe. The first draft of the manuscript has been handed in, and I’ll begin rewrites […]

Teenagers, advice for parents, & awesomeness: my interview with @JoshShipp

 Every teenager and every parent of a teenager should read this book by Josh Shipp. Last year Josh was named one of INC. Magazine’s 30 under 30. And too, CNN included Josh on their “Young Person Who Rocks” list. […]

How NOT to Win the Best Christian Attitude Award by @RachelHeldEvans

This post is written by my friend Rachel Held Evans. (She’s amazing–great writer, thinker, and storyteller!) Rachel’s first book–Evolving in Monkey Town: How A Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask Questions–released last month, and it is wonderful. […]

Anne Rice updates her Facebook status… again!

“My posts about quitting Christianity have brought in a lot of mail. Most of it is positive; a small amount is negative. But one thing is clear: people care passionately about belief. They care about living lives of meaning and […]

For All You Anne Rice Haters Out There: A STATUS UPDATE!

Regarding today’s earlier post, here’s another update from Ms. Anne Rice… “My faith in Christ is central to my life. My conversion from a pessimistic atheist lost in a world I didn’t understand, to an optimistic believer in a universe […]

WHAT? Sarah Palin’s new book to offer ‘personal reflections on flag’?

Good picture, don’t you think? I do. The USA watch and lapel pin are a bit much (one or the other Sarah.) Trust us, we know you LOVE AMERICA!!!!!! But… How does one reflect on flag? I wave flag. I […]

Anne Rice announces on Facebook that she’s quitting Christianity!

Yesterday on Facebook, Anne Rice updated her status…. “For those who care, and I understand if you don’t: Today I quit being a Christian. I’m out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being “Christian” or to […]

I’m very sorry…

I’m sorry I’ve been such a lousy blogger this last week, and I want to apologize in advance for being a lousy blogger this upcoming week, too. Oh, I’ll post stuff. But my posts will sort of be like the […]

Passive aggressive notes from God

Ryan (a reader) sent this to me this morning. He found it at Go read the rest of the post. It’s funny and telling. Also, check out the book Passive Aggressive Notes, it’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure the Book […]

This is why I was afraid to go see a therapist…

Finding this video at Stuff Fundies Like was timely. In a couple of the chapters in Good God, I write about my decision to seek professional help in regards to my depression and anxiety. That was a very difficult step […]

All ‘Shack’ed up? (lawsuits surround Christian best seller)

I love “The Shack.” I think it’s poorly written, but I do love like it. I don’t think it’s heresy… that’s for sure… But this news from the LA Times makes me very sad… “The Shack,” William Paul Young’s novel […]

An exciting new book from Zondervan for your 9-year-old

Thank you Zondervan! We needed this one for sure. And let me be the first to say that I think that every single 9-year-old in America needs to read this inspirational story about the under-qualified governor who almost made it […]

80-year-old PANS my book #HearNoEvil! And I love her for it. (ReTweet!)

The Golden Reviewer read and reviewed my book. Golden describes herself (I think Golden is a she, but I could be wrong.)… An 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of […]

Customer: What’s this? Clerk: A Bible.

The following conversation was sent in to Not Always Right, a blog about customers not always being right. I thought it was interesting. Do you think it’s a true story? (A young woman, about 20 years old, comes up to […]

A newly released excerpt of Churched! (Read & Share!)

It’s official, Churched hits stores in paperback today. BUY IT HERE! If you haven’t read Churched, here’s a previously unreleased excerpt for your enjoyment. And if you would be so kind to spread the word for me, that would be […]

If you read one book this year… read this one.

Please read Mere Churchianity. It’s the first and only book by Michael Spencer (“The Internet Monk”). Michael died of cancer a few weeks back. BUY THIS BOOK. AND THEN READ IT. You will thank me. Here’s what I wrote for […]

A VANISHING GOD a post by Frank Viola (ALSO: Enter to win a copy of JESUS MANIFESTO!)

Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet just released their new book Jesus Manifesto. In celebration of that release, I invited Frank to write a guest post for Jesus Needs New PR.  Learn more about the book at (ALSO: Below the […]

Would you do THIS for your favorite Christian author?

I suggest Donald Miller. Found at Crazy Christian Clips.

GIVEAWAY: Enter to win ‘Plan B’ (the book by @pwilson)

I’m giving away three copies of the book Plan B. BUT… just to be perfectly clear… I want you to know that I’m NOT giving away this “plan B”… OR this “plan B”… (This one is trying too hard to […]

O me of little faith by @JasonBoyett

Since Jason Boyett and I are good friends, I thought it would be more meaningful to my blog readers if somebody other than myself reviewed his latest book O Me of Little Faith. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Jason’s […]

THE CHUNKY BIBLE: oh, Zondervan, what were you thinking?!

I like you, Zondervan. I usually like you a lot. But the Chunky Bible? WTF?! CHUNKY?! Really? Again, I like you. In some cases, I love you. Lots of my friends have publishing deals with you. Heck, God has had […]

WRITING: This man has influenced me… and I’m not ashamed…

As a teenager, Michael W. Smith pissed me off. I didn’t stay pissed. I was far too much of a fan to hold a grudge. If my desire to become the Michael Jackson of Christian music didn’t pan out, I […]

In honor of @prodigaljohn’s book, my own list of stuff Christians like!

Stuff Christians Like is the fantastic, hilarious, and bloggasmic new book by Jon Acuff.  The book is named after Jon’s blog, and it’s probably bound to sell millions of copies! In addition to SCL being a great, well-written, entertaining book, […]

When bad book covers happen to good people…

Laura Bush is a beautiful lady, but this photo of her looks like it was photoshopped by a mortician.

Read ‘Plan B’ by @pwilson

As most of you know, Pete Wilson is my friend and pastor. When he asked me to endorse his first book Plan B, I happily accepted. Here’s what I wrote… “While reading Plan B, I cheered, wept, and rediscovered parts […]

Some words about Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk (1956-2010)

Michael Spencer is with God this morning. And my thoughts and prayers are with his dear family. I pray that the grace of God be with them in their sadness and loss. While I was familiar with Michael’s name and […]

80s ‘MIXED TAPE’ CONTEST: Win an iTunes gift card

In celebration of my latest book Hear No Evil, my publisher Waterbrook Press is giving you the opportunity to win one of TWO $25 iTunes giftcard! If iPods were around in the 1980’s, what Christian music would be on yours? […]

FREE BOOK! ‘The Lost Tweets of Jesus’ found just in time for Easter

My good friend, author Ed Cyzewski recently announced in a press release that he’d discovered the lost Twitter account of Jesus. Then shortly after that, he announced that he would be turning Jesus’s twitter into a book and hopefully profiting […]

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