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The Bible is never an easy book to understand. And sometimes the Bible is a weird book. But once in a while the Bible’s stories and word pictures are pretty much insane. The verses below are all weird… and perhaps […]

Maybe I should publish The Matthew Paul Turner Bible…. it could be scripture with punch lines! Found at Christian Nightmares.

That is just a portion of the chart that famous atheist Sam Harris commissioned to be created for his nonprofit foundation Project Reason. The whole chart looks like this… You can learn more about the chart here. OR, if you […]

It’s My Princess Bible! And by the looks of the cover, the ‘Princess Bible’ includes the amazing Biblical stories of (from left to right) Gloria Estefan, Miley Cyrus, some ethnic woman, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Winslet (or She-Ra–hard to tell). […]

This is very interesting. It’s a little odd in spots… and compelling in others… but overall I think it’s a provocative concept, one that at least is creative and thought-provoking… What do you think about it? What are your thoughts […]

The following conversation was sent in to Not Always Right, a blog about customers not always being right. I thought it was interesting. Do you think it’s a true story? (A young woman, about 20 years old, comes up to […]

Guys might like this. Sent in by Michael!

After this sermon clip from 15 years ago hits the Internet, West Virginia pastor, Jeff Owens, issues an apology… Shenandoah Baptist Church’s Pastor Jeff Owens: BURN AND SHOOT FAGS! from Joe Jervis on Vimeo. Owen writes… If you are responding […]

Whether or not you believe in the literal existence of Adam and Eve, no doubt you have a mental picture of God’s first power couple! Long before “Brangelina” or “Bennifer,” the Bible tells us that God created “Adeve.” And yes, […]

I like you, Zondervan. I usually like you a lot. But the Chunky Bible? WTF?! CHUNKY?! Really? Again, I like you. In some cases, I love you. Lots of my friends have publishing deals with you. Heck, God has had […]