Jesus Needs New PR

Jesus Needs New PR


Evolution has met its match!?


Social media theology…. (on a bumper sticker)

Sent to me by Brad!


Why one Tennessee Christian became a Muslim…

Read more here.


Have you heard the band Turning violet Violet?

Check out the band’s site here.

SNL's 'Like A Boss' gets Christianized

If you don’t know what this is a parody of, click here. <-That link isn't safe for church (at least, not without ear buds). Sent to me by Josh!

Church sign of the day!

Filled or filed? Sent to me by Les!

How not to say 'Jesus loves you'

Nothing says “Jesus loves you” like a heart-shaped noose.

Pastor loses job for liking Rob Bell's book?

Sigh… When Chad Holtz lost his old belief in hell, he also lost his job. The pastor of a rural United Methodist church in North Carolina wrote a note on his Facebook page supporting a new book by Rob Bell, […]

That 'Glee'ful kiss

What’s wrong with Victoria Jackson? And why is she on CNN acting as though she’s still performing in one of those SNL skits from the 1980s? I think she’s waiting for Dennis Miller to cut in. Now, I’m not suggesting […]

Does Church Make You Fat?

According to a new study… the answer is maybe. The study doesn’t prove that attending services is fattening, nor does it explain why weight might be related to faith. Even so, the finding is surprising, especially considering that religious people […]

Your favorite Christian YouTube singer!

She’s back with a new tune! Found at Christian Nightmares!

'Christian Rap Song' of the day (this is AMAZING)

Sent to me by Tim!

Christian camp counselors remake 'Friday' by Rebecca Black

Found at Christian Nightmares!

WANTED: Theologians with Facebook accounts and crazy hair

Sent to me by Stephen!

Does the Bible support smoking pot?

Well… one Facebook group says yes. The group Every Seed Bearing Plant suggests that Genesis 1:29 offer biblical support for the extracurricular use of marijuana. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon […]

Country-fied 'Like A Prayer'

Once Little Big Town joins in, this rendition sort of works.

A collection of Jesus pictures (with quotes)!


The Today Show's interview with the boy who went to heaven

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The book about Colton Burpo’s journey–Heaven is Real–is number one on It’s been in the top five for weeks. I haven’t read the book, so I only […]

A 'Christlike' Ozzy Osbourne

Oh dear. I certainly hope Rob Bell is right… for the sake of the artist who created this image… Oddly enough, I met Ozzy Osbourne once–in 1995 or 96. The meeting happened at Structure (yes, the clothing store). I helped […]

I bet you can't guess which cereal mascot God is like… #ChurchSign

Say the words on this sign three times aloud to a coworker, friend, or spouse. Chances are, by the third time, this sign will make absolutely no sense at all… But… By all means, don’t think about the words on […]

Spiritual orgasms

I’ve never experienced anything close to that… at least, not at church with my pastor standing next to me. Have you?

Where Would Jesus Park?

A Crosspoint church member found this on their church windshield after church yesterday! Found here.

Caption this!

'I know the answer! Pick me! Pick me!'

Jesus has great hair.

Jesus has a migraine

Pole Dancing for Jesus (worship with a pole!)

Sent to me by Hannah! Here’s another video of it… Pole Dancing for Jesus Class in Texas: Found here!

'Christian Facebook Ad' of the day

  Is the lady in the picture a graduate or in need of healing? Sent to me by Emily!

If Jesus was here today, he'd be a biker?

The Rickey Dale Show: 'It ain't God's fault yo Grandmama smokes crack!!'

This guy is hilarious. He gets a bit judgmental toward the middle. But somehow, his delivery (and the nail clippers) makes even that sort of awesome. Sent to me by Dallas!

You've may have seen this already…

And hopefully it helps you smile this Friday morning. Filmed this as we left for church last Sunday morning.

Come have a ball with Jesus! (at a testical festival in Texas)

Come have a ball with Jesus… what the… What?! I figured this had to be fake. But then I Googled it. And I found… JACKSONVILLE — The Texas Testicle Festival has two missions. The first is to glorify God by […]

Pastor reveals 'spiritual signifigance' of the 'Japanese earthquake'

That’s the pastor’s title… not mine. I realize that an earthquake can’t actually be Japanese… Found at Joe. My. God. For the 16-minute version of this sermon (which offers a bit of context), click here.

Life feels like this sometimes…


Christian Facebook status of the day!

I also found this supporting the whole “11th” theory… The only problem is this: I’m pretty sure the Haiti earthquake happened on the 12th of January, not the 11th.

Kirk Cameron presents 'The Evidence Bible'

Found at The American Jesus…

Best use of the word 'dog' in a church sign?!

This picture was taken and sent to me by Michael!

Martin Bashir's 'interview' with Rob Bell

Armed with one scathing review (any guesses which one?), MSNBC’s Martin Bashir entered into dialogue with Rob Bell like he was Jonathan Edwards and Bell was a spider. Martin dangled Bell over his theology as if to tease him with […]

Pastor tells congregation to 'F' thy neighbor

Sent to me by Matt (and a couple others).

MUST SEE: 'Bless You,' a Christian remake of Cee-Lo's 'F*** You!'


We NEVER do this to baby Jesus

Never. Or for that matter, we shouldn’t do THIS to Mary, either…

Yodeling Jesus

Found at Christian Nightmare!

My thoughts about Rob Bell's interview #LoveWins

I watched the online interview with Rob Bell last night. For an hour, Lisa Miller of Newsweek asked Rob a list of questions regarding topics such as heaven, hell, Jesus, and universalism. There were no surprises, really. In true Rob […]

'Christian t-shirt' of the day

When Christians play 'Word With Friends'

Found here!

True Dudeness: A pastor preaches about how to be a dude of dudes

The Dudes over at American Jesus found this Preacher Dude’s video before I did. During a recent sermon, Preacher Dude decided to inform his congregation about being a truly dudacious dude! So… are you a dude’s dude?

The stupidity of some Christians is just mind-blowing (and sad)

This video has begun making the rounds… UPDATE: Here’s the girl’s YouTube page. SECOND UPDATE: She’s SATIRE?! I felt for it hook line and sinker.

Author James Frey to publish NEWER New Testament about drunk sleazy 'Jesus'

James Frey, the author who makes up his own story, has turned his fixed his literary eye on Jesus. Or basically he’s borrowed the name Jesus and a few of the events from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and added […]

Christian Nightmare Speaks: My exclusive interview with the blogger behind the popular site

One question that I get more often than you might imagine is this: Hey, what’s the deal with Christian Nightmares? (You know, the Tumblr site/blog of mostly freakishly Christian videos that I repost a lot!) And while I have exchanged […]

Caption this Jesus picture please!

I guess that’s Jesus. It is, right? UPDATE: I’ve been informed that THIS isn’t Jesus! It’s St. Francis. Thank you Caitlin. Which makes more sense… I think… Sent to me by Dan!

The Praise Brothers-A duo that sings and kicks

Thank you, Marcus, for sending this to me!

Jay-Z giving Jesus some PR

Found at Christian Nightmares!

The most important rule to a healthy Baptist marriage!

… never let her talk. If this wasn’t so blatantly sexist, it would be funny. Found at Christian Nightmares!

Comedy in Christ…

It’s not easy being Christian and being funny. And stand-up is hard. The funniest thing about Christian might be is his FAQ page. But again, stand-up is hard. But it really helps if your jokes are funny. Think you could […]

Bad 'Christian t-shirt' of the day

Thank you Rachel Held Evans for sending me this t-shirt link!

Proof that Satan exists!?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Well, let me be the first to say that the cute Hungarian couple in this video are LIARS! Heresy makers. And probably Rob Bell lovers. Why? Because that […]

Three words that should never be used on the same road sign…

Found here.

Church sign of the day!

Sent to me by Mike!


HILARIOUS! And I must say… this video is the best use of “Dora the Explorer” ever… Sent to me by Dan!

My best blogging advice: 9 ways to become a better blogger

I once told myself that I would never give advice about blogging. Why? Because it isn’t really my thing. And two, a lot of other people (who are much better at blogging than I am) offer blogging advice all the […]

'Christian album' cover of the day

Mormon Jesus (a remix)

Sarah Palin shows up in 'God's message' again and again and again…

Things get exciting and “spirit filled” around the 4-minute mark. Apparently the Greek word for again is ‘palin’… Oh oh oh boy. Via Dangerous Minds and American Jesus…

Jesus picture of the day

A spirit-filled dummy

Found at Christian Nightmare!

Caption This!

A BLOG POST: The memory of a child is long?!

This post is from My Daddy Blog… Last Sunday, like I always do, I left church during the last song to pick up Elias from the nursery. Crosspoint’s nursery wing is in a separate building from the auditorium. After I […]

Mickey Rourke being Christ-like?

Church sign of the day!

Photo was sent/taken by David… in Milwaukee.

How YOU can scare the Devil away (PS: It's EASY!)…

Christian Nightmares finds the best video clips. So how do you scare the Devil away? Well, according to Pastor Steve Munsey, Satan HATES the number seven! In the clip above, Steve uses Christian mumbo-jumbo (can I get an interpreter over […]

I confess… I prejudged this man

I’m not sure how Jay Caruso found my blog. But he did. And at some point he began to engage, which means he started leaving comments. Now, I don’t know if this is exactly true, but from my perspective, every […]

John Piper rewrites Bob Dylan's 'Gotta Serve Somebody'

John Piper says that Bob Dylan got THIS right. What did Dylan get sooooooo right? His song ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’! Says Piper… In 1979 Bob Dylan recorded the song “Gotta Serve Somebody.” For those who listen with biblically informed ears […]

FINALLY! Here's your PROOF that man lived with dinosaurs!

I love when “proof” is set to pop music–just makes it easier to soak in… don’t you think? Found at Christian Nightmares via here! LRA… this totally convinces you, right?!

Awkward 'Christian sign' of the day!

Sent to me by Justin! And the photo was taken by Justin’s wife (name not given!).

MUST SEE: Kirk Cameron shoots Ray Comfort in a wild west Jesus-fest showdown!

I have no words. Found at Christian Nightmares.

Ye shall celebrate the 400th birthday of the King James Bible

Happy birthday to thee! Happy birthday to thee! Happy BIRTHday King Jame’s Version of the Bible… happy birthday to thee. Just in case you are a heathen who reads the NIV Bible or a demon who reads The Message Bible […]

Singing good stories – '7 Deadly Sins'

Listen to this song. While it’s from a woman’s perspective, I think anybody will enjoy it. I met Canadian artist Miranda Stone in 2000 when I was managing Jammin Java. She played at JJs a couple times. Miranda sings good […]

Christian kids rewrite 'My Humps' to atheists & evolutions

Wow. Found at Christian Nightmares.

Best Church Sign EVER (if you live in Colorado)

This United Methodist church in Colorado is so savvy. And it might work. I mean, if you still play organ music and your pews are hard wood… this could be one way to get the youngsters to attend and endure… […]

'Good Days' (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 in my own words)

Sometimes I like taking scripture and retelling the story or rewriting the prose using my own words. This morning I was reading King Solomon’s familiar words in Ecclesiastes 3. I decided to write it down using my own… Good Days […]

Caption this Jesus picture!


Do Evangelicals Hate Jesus?

If you define yourself as an evangelical, your first thought is probably: “Of course, not!” But Phil Zuckerman, a professor of sociology at Pitzer College in California, seems to think the answer is yes. Read his interesting reasons why at […]

Footage of Christians 'loving' a Muslim in Washington DC

Why can’t they just let the poor man pray to Allah? Found at Christian Nightmares.

This 3-year-old loves God!

Sent to me by Jennifer!

A convention that trains 'Young Fundamentalists'

The American Jesus

WHAT? Church sign of the day!

This picture was taken in Miami Gardens, FL… Sent to me by @joeleastlick

Check out what this church does NOT allow!

Sent to me by James.

Does Christian propoganda like this really promote life?

Christian Nightmare is the ideal category for this video. PLEASE do not view this video if children are close enough to see or hear. I find manipulative videos like this to be the exact opposite of how “life” should be […]

'Oprah fired me for talking about Jesus'

I read this story on one of my favorite blogs– The headline is catchy: Oprah fired me for talking about Jesus! While I believe this story could be true, I’m also skeptical since its source is Kitty Kelley, the well-known […]

Why spelling is important to God…

…because God doesn’t know how to regect something. And God knows everything.

(insert ellipses here)

Found at Christian Nightmares.

'Sex' with Pastor Ed Young…

Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas, announced the other day that HBO will be showing up tomorrow night at his church to tape a segment for the network’s upcoming documentary about sex. For the occasion, the church […]

Orthodoxy vs. Heresy: A Power Game?

This post was written by Adam Ellis. I originally thought I might write a response to all of the “controversy” surrounding  Rob Bell and his forthcoming new book. I have appreciated Rob’s work over the years, and certainly feel the […]

What the Bell?

As of noon, this was the list of “search terms” for today… Oh, and the last time I checked Rob’s book was #19 on

Jesus picture of the day

  Aw, I bet Pastor Ed would love to see Jesus wearing a Britney/Garth mic. Does this Jesus have braces? Or just really tiny teeth?

A Serious Question: How Would You Respond To This Girl?

WATCH THE VIDEO… This girl seems very sweet. And worried for God’s people. I mean, this dream of hers really messed with her senses… But a part of me thinks the poor thing should also be on medication. I don’t […]


Appalling, telling, or both? #NotSafeForChurch

I tagged this “not safe for church” because I suppose technically two of these images are of women without shirts on. I guess those are women. (I’m not trying to be rude… I really can’t tell…) They are women, right? […]

Rob Hell

This is hilarious… I love the Naked Pastor. For an explanation of this cartoon, click here. Thanks Ric for the heads up!

How to survive Rob Bell's new book release!

I love Rob Bell. And I especially love when Rob Bell releases a new book! And guess what? He’s releasing a new book at the end of March. And like all of Rob’s books (well, except that last one which […]

THIS will be the oddest thing you see all day…

Found at Christian Nightmares.


The 'key' to the kingdom?

The NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Convention is being held in Nashville this weekend. A friend sent me a picture of his hotel key…

'Jesus' shows up in David Beckham's newest tat

According to Christianity Today… …The 35-year-old’s inking was done in LA a few months ago by tattoo artist to the celebs, Mark Mahoney… And it features Jesus’s pubic hair! It took 12 hours in total and was completed over two […]

'Adopt a Terroritst' says Christian group

According to this post at CNN, Christians are being encouraged to adopt terrorists! No, not you would adopt/sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International. This adoption process only means that you would make an effort to pray for […]

'Christian song' of the day (God's PB&J)

Sent to me by Dan.

Man raps about his 'Big God'

Found at Christian Nightmares.

Perhaps the best definition of 'Christian irony' ever…

ANOTHER UPDATE: Anonymous sends Westboro another letter

Found at Dangerous Minds.

The American Left hates Christendom?

According to… Rick Santorum launched into a scathing attack on the left, charging during an appearance in South Carolina that the history of the Crusades has been corrupted by “the American left who hates Christendom.”“The idea that the Crusades […]

'Christian sign' of the day!

I love this sign. Found here.

My favorite song about Jesus

There is such a thing as too much Jesus


The New Tithe: Mega-churches and money

I didn’t make this video. I have no idea if the facts included are accurate. It would not surprise me if they were true, at least, most of them… But I don’t know… but it’s interesting (and sad)… Thoughts? Found […]

UPDATE: Does this mean Anonymous beat Westboro?!

Clay sent this to me. I tried to go to Westboro’s site myself and got this message… So… maybe… just maybe Anonymous is winning 1 to nothing. Or Westboro is busy adding more hate to their blog. Time will tell… […]

How to evangelize at Walmart

From People of Walmart and sent to me by Monica!

Pat Robertson's magical Jesus in a bottle

Pat Robertson offends me on many levels. I know… who cares, right? In this clip, Pat is preaching at a conference. After telling the crowd “Jesus IS IN THIS ROOM with us,” Pat goes on to say that, “If Jesus […]

'Christian t-shirt' of the day!

‘WHY?’ certainly seems like the appropriate question… Would this be a Jesus Ent?

Pew thuggin'

So… I was on iTunes, checking out the list of “Just Added” albums and singles when the above album caught my eye. Now, I’m not an expert on thuggin’ of any kind (at least, I don’t think I am), so […]

THIS right here is God's Best (for you)!

I must say, I’m surprised by the name. Neil? Really? At first glance, I was thinking Pam or Babs or something ambiguous like Rudy. But definitely not Neil. Now, just to be clear: I do not hate the man in […]

Christian Facebook Status of the Day!

Awesome! Now I can figure out how far away God put all of the lies I’ve told… Well, if I was good at math.

Whipped into Shape: Trying to Reconcile the God of Peace with the Rhetoric of Violence

Four months ago, when I traveled to Seoul for some vacation time (a visit that included going up to the DMZ and stepping into North Korea briefly), I visited the Korean War Memorial. It’s a gigantic monument, with a large […]

Christian Facebook Status of the Week!

Wish Jesus would save the woman’s spelling–and not to mention, add some punctuation. And her word usage… witch? Like?!

LSD trip helps man find Jesus!

But don’t do drugs! Found at Christian Nightmares.

UPDATE: Anonymous vs. Westboro

So I’m officially confused. I don’t know if it was a hoax or just a half-hearted attempt by a few Anonymous members to scare WBC…. but late yesterday Anonymous released an “official” statement about the ordeal… Cancel that popcorn. Boo! […]

Maybe I need new PR

Google Alerts brought this to my attention, one blogger’s list of Twitter accounts that he/she thought people should follow. And guess what? I was one of them. Nice, huh? I thought so too! And for a split second I was […]

Proof that Christians influence culture!

See? That really awful Christian “Coke” t-shirt was very influential… We should be proud! You can blame this jerk for the picture!

Church and state hook up in Minnesota

I found this story over at Unreasonable Faith, which is a fitting title for this story. Because as far as I can tell, Mike Beard–one of God’s GOPeeps (state representative in Minnesota)–does seem completely unreasonable (and seemingly, he lacks good […]

How to know if a Christian is taking a shower

Found at Christian Nightmares! //

Westboro Baptist Church responds to 'Anonymous'!

Thanks Joel for sending this to me! And as Joel commented in his tweet, somebody make some popcorn; this could be fun. You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that Westboro’s antics were satire.

'Anonymous' Hackers Unite Against Westboro Baptist!

Hacker-group “Anonymous” has issued the folks at Westboro Baptist Church a warning: Stop or else! Or else what?! Well, you can read their open letter to WBC for yourself… Open Letter to Westboro Baptist Church AN OPEN LETTER FROM ANONYMOUS […]

Real dogs love Jesus

Is your dog real? Thank you Scott for sending this to me!

Are you ready for camp meeting?

Christian Nightmares found this first!

How YOU can help 'Cancel the Devil's assignment'

Saw this over at The American Jesus (which is a fantastic blog, btw!). This is vintage Daystar… I love the part where he says, “don’t call and say you’re giving $300! Call and say you’re canceling the Devil’s assignment…” Have […]

Why is this news?

Yesterday this story was showing up everywhere online and I saw it on the Today show this morning. An Iowa high school wrestler who was one of the favorites to win his weight class defaulted on his first-round state tournament […]

Glenn Beck's 'End Times'

THIS JUST IN: 'Sin' causing plumbing issue at Baylor University

I’ll let you decide for yourself if this is real. Found & discussed here.

Man finds 'Jesus' in rocking chair

More so than most of these “Jesus” sightings, this one actually looks like the American “Jesus” we know and love. Story here. Found at Christian Nightmares!

BIG NEWS: Download the audio book #Churched for FREE! (spread the word!)

Doing this audio book was a dream come true. Seriously. I’ll tell you about that later. But it was a really amazing experience… For now… please download the audio book of Churched FOR FREE! Share it with your friends! Tweet […]

Jesus dancing

Hardcore Bible Thumping Spirit Filled Jesus Freaks (and they rap)

Found at The American Jesus!

'Christian album' cover of the day

Found at Christian Nightmares!

Satan's Attack on Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is interviewed in this month’s GQ. And it’s an interesting (and sobering) read. Here’s a snippet: Just before moving out to Los Angeles, the whole family had been baptized together by their pastor at the People’s Church […]


Found at Everything is Terrible!

These kids need a 'brain wash'

RDS Choreography to “Brain Wash” by Nicole C. Mullen from Reconciliation Dance Studio on Vimeo. How do you “brain wash” your soul? Found at Christian Nightmares!

CAPTION THIS: Jesus picture of the day

Ted Haggard talks restoration, church; says 'We are idiots'

Watch the video! As I listened to what Ted says here, several random (non-related) thoughts come to mind. -I don’t dislike Ted. But often he seems to be a victim of “being Ted” more than anything else. -I agree: the […]

Hip-hop for Huckabee 2012

Found at Joe. My. God.

A Christian Mom texting with Her Wayward Son (NSFC: not safe for church)

A church does 'Church Lady'

Church Lady Does Announcements from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo. Found at Christian Nightmares & Jesus and Squirrel

Christian Singer SAVES Pop Songs

Thank you Fred!

Purchase brimstone for a family member, friend, or coworker!

For the low price of $150 plus shipping you can purchase your very own piece of medium-sized brimstone from Sodom & Gomorrah ! That’s right; you can purchase remnants of God’s anger and judgment for a friend! Your mean-spirited mother? […]

Lousy parents!

I’m joking! No, really, I am joking. I’m sure Mary and Joseph were (are?) AMAZING parents. **This picture was sent to me by Michelle, a reader of this blog. The photo was taken in Connecticut.

'Christian song' of the day: A little drop will do ya

Found at Everything is Terrible.

'The Love Chapter' like you've never heard it before…

Featuring last night’s Grammy winner for Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding… (Via.)

Leanin' On the Lord's Side

Found at Christian Nightmares.

Does Your Sex Life Suck?

Another church is helping couples imagine what a spicy godly sex life can look like… And they’re using images of hot bodied non-Christians to get you in the mood. One of the sermons was preached by a former porn producer! […]

Be my Valentine in Christ

'Christian book' title of the day!

If you’re offended, send hate mail (or Tweets!) to THIS GUY! If you’re curious about the book, here’s the Amazon link…

Nitro praise!

Sent to me by Chris.

What the? (Can somebody explain THIS?)

I don’t know what to think about this. The person who sent this to me said that it was a science fair. And he could be right because I see a “gravity” display next to the boy’s right shoulder. But […]

PICTURES OF THE DAY: My Facebook friend met Jesus and Satan in Florida…

The pictures are real. One of my Facebook friends (and reader of this blog) recently took her kids to Florida! Besides spending time with Mickey, Donald, Buzz, and Cinderella, she also visited TBN’s The Holy Lands (yes, believe it or […]

Is Lady Gaga a Calvinist?! 'Born This Way' praises capital H.I.M.

Lady Gaga’s brand new single released to radio today. “Born This Way” mentions God (or his pronoun) several times… It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ‘Cause you were Born This Way, […]

'Go to hell' says @GlennBeck to his critics

According to the Huffington Post… Glenn Beck delivered a message to his critics on his Thursday television show: “go to hell.” Beck’s comments came in the middle of a nearly 19-minute monologue where he continued his theory that the protests […]

WE MUST STOP CAIN! He's still killing Abel (with a rock)

Thank you Jonathan.

Jesus tattoo of the day

White Female Rapper Rapping 'Revival'

Found at one of my favorite blogs, The American Jesus…

Baptist church responds to Catholic church's 'Confession' app? (with a sign…)

They just referred to God as an app…. Thanks to Melinda for sending this in!

Lifeway to drop 'warning label' from books!

The folks at Lifeway Christian Stores agree: You’re old enough to make difficult decisions like whether or not you should read Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz.” And… you get to make that decision without Lifeway’s warning to “use your gift […]

I love James Blake…

Love James Blake’s blend of classic and electronic. You can hear Blake’s entire album here. Found at Dangerous Minds.

Introducing Freeze-Us Christ!

Icicle looks like Jesus: If you don’t want to watch the video… here’s the gist of the story: A man thinks THIS looks like “Jesus”… This picture was sent in to us by a viewer from Shrewsbury. He says […]

Confession: there's an App for that (and I bought it)

Image found at The American Jesus. You’ve probably heard: The Holy Catholic Church has blessed an iPhone App called “Confession”. If not, here’s the news link from the BBC. Some of its features include: -Custom examination of Conscience based upon […]

Can You Pass God's Test? (Take it now)

This is real. It was found at a church in Georgia. My favorite part is the “If HELL is your choice please discard” line (subtext being You, not the card, are about to self-destruct.)

All Things New (an amazing UPDATE regarding today's post)

So today I wrote this post… And I have a really cool update regarding that post’s final story, you know the one involving World Vision. Today, I received a response from the reader who wrote me the email last week […]

Why do Christians give so much power to the loud negative Christian few?

For three years, a forty-something man named Brian mentored me. Brian, an elder at the church I attended, and I met once a month to talk about life, career, relationship, and God. At the time I worked at Jammin Java, […]

'Christian Advice' for Native Americans…

The man in the video is Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and as you can tell he really LOVES Native Americans. Mr. Fischer further explains his love for Native Americans his thoughts about Native Americans in an op-ed […]

Is it just me…

…or does this make Jesus sound a little like a stalker.

'Christian car' of the Day!

So… he’s a member of Mercy Me? Sent to me by @leilaphelia!

When BAD book titles happen to GOOD people!

While she probably doesn’t remember me, I know Betty Wiseman. She’s an amazing woman–she’s kind with a big heart for people. When I was at Belmont University, Ms. Wiseman was the Women’s Basketball Coach as well as the Square Dance […]

THE LATEST IN HEAVENLY FASHION: What the cool Christians are wearing!

Jezebel (the blog, not that God awful queen in the Old Testament) offers us a sneak peek into what good fashionable correct Christian kids will be wearing this season! And of course, all of this year’s high-fashion involve t-shirts! Some […]

Cute little British kids asking tough questions about Jesus…

This is a scene from a British TV show called Outnumbered. I just love their little accents. They could ask me anything as long as they asked using those adorable English voices.

Nothing warms the soul like 'Jesus on a blanket'

It’s a blanket! At least I think it’s a blanket.

Jesus + Elvis + preshrunk cotton =

Nice Guys Go To Hell, Too (Awesome!!)

And the nice guy is voiced by Kirk Cameron, and it was produced by Living Waters… I have a question. Those of you who align with Kirk’s basic theology, do you think this kind of method actually helps the “evangelical […]

One of the Greatest Christian Movie Scenes Ever!

What was the movie?!

Church Sign of the Day (Does your 'salvation' come w/THIS guarantee?')

Thanks to David for sending this in!

Michael Vigilante III Blesses Us With Another Worship Tune (And We Will Be Thankful)

You’re welcome. And here’s the song he wrote to his wife, Caroline… So beautiful. You’re welcome again. Sent to me by this guy (he’s the jerk).

UFO over Jerusalem

After watching this, you just know that John Hagee had to change his underwear. But in all seriousness, it is sort of strange. UFOs fascinate me. I know there’s probably a logical explanation for the sighting. But still, I like […]

WHOA!! Our Favorite Crazy Preacher is Back With A New Video!

A Bliss Bash! I so want to (WHOA!) go to his (Pfft. Pfft. Pfft.) conference and see this (Giggity Giggity) insanity for myself. Toward the end of this commercial, he actually Cock-A-Doodle-Doos. But seriously, is this guy real? What is […]

'Christian Vehicle' of the Day!

Sent to me by M. J. Towers…

Proof that God is good…

Thank you to Brent for sending this to me!

Would this put you in the mood to worship?

Hahahaha…. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. He looks nice. And he smiles a lot. But some nice guys who smile a lot shouldn’t sing… …Or wear pink suits. …Or do sudden break dancing moves (maybe he has Dance Turrets?). […]

Wait. The Holy Spirit Did WHAT?!

Wow. This clipping was Tweeted to me by Jonathan. And then I Googled the headline… and it seems to be real.

Superbowl rejects Jesus, God, & Doritos!

I sort of like the commercial…

Old NEW News: President Obama is a Christian!!

Cameron Strang, publisher of Relevant magazine, wrote a great piece about President Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast. “And it was through that experience working with pastors and laypeople trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods that I came […]

Do NOT view this link if you love KISS… (or hate puppets)

Found at Christian Nightmares

CAPTION THIS: Jesus Picture of the Day!

Awesome 'Christian Song' of the Day


A beautiful moment in Egypt amongst all of the ugly ones…

This is one positive story among the thousands of scary ones coming out of Egypt. Pictured here are a group of Christians encircling/protecting a group of Muslims. They formed the circle so their Muslim friends could spend time in prayer. […]

A Letter To My Daughter…

This post is from My Daddy Blog. Dear Adelyne, Your momma and I saw you this morning. We saw you once before, but you were moody and not being cooperative for the camera (which is something you’ll have to get […]

Church Sign of the Day!

Thank you Nate.

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Arsenal quer reforçar ataque, e meio-campo argentino pensa em deixar o PSG
Arsenal pensa novamente em Icardi Segundo o jornal inglês 'The Independent', o Arsenal estão se alinhando para apresentar uma proposta em janeiro para o atacante da Inter de Milão, Mauro Icardi .O jogador de 22 anos de idade teve umas ...

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Van Gaal confirma interesse em Ronaldo
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Chelsea mira mais dois nomes
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Inter estuda contratação de Hazard
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Chelsea deve devolver Falcão e clube ingles já mira reforços para posição
Chelsea pensa em devolver Radamel Falcão ao MonacoA especulação em torno do regresso de Radamel Falcão ao Monaco volta a ganhar força, com o jornal britânico "The Sun" a revelar a noticia de que o Chelsea está pronto para colocar um ponto ...

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