Jesus Needs New PR

Jesus Needs New PR


Social Justice Exhaustion

Can I be honest? I think many of us who are engaged in the blogging world (Christian or otherwise) are suffering from a disease. Not a disease like HIV or diabetes. Maybe it’s not even a disease. Maybe it’s a […]


Meet the little girl with the Bible in her hands…

Her little hands held the Bible like she needed every word to be true, like she’d seen enough pain and felt enough heartache in the ten years that she’d been alive to know that there must be more. Her fingers […]


‘I Don’t Want To See Your Boobs’ (A Blog Post About Modesty)

I found this video over at Christian Nightmares. At some point in this video, the Christian teacher says to the group of women… “I don’t want to see your boobs!” Why? Because women should be modest. And boobs aren’t modest, […]


A song for author Anne Rice

Take One For The Team from Justin McRoberts on Vimeo. I love Justin McRoberts. We met for coffee once. It was one of those meetings that felt divine on some level. Instant camaraderie. Similar stories. Similar passions. He’s got way […]

What happens in Vegas in Vegas… but should it?

It’s a cliche: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… And over the years, the ad agency who came up with this clever slogan has created a number of commercial campaigns that have caused many of us to giggle, shake […]

The Politics of Prayer: Part 2

This post is the continuation of yesterday’s post about prayer. You can read Part 1 here. I think about the last time I prayed prostrate. Almost two years ago. My friends Angie and Todd had learned a few days before […]

God, I need $200: The Politics of Prayer

I wrote the following essay 18 months ago, at a time when Jessica and I were struggling to make ends meet. This is part 1. Part 2 will post tomorrow. It’s Tuesday morning and I am sprawled out in the […]

This church has a room to rent!

There’s only one problem. The window is always up. SOURCE

CBN offers ‘proof’ that ex-gay therapy works…

This make me sad.

$hare Je$u$ with a friend…

Sent to me by Matthew.

In praise of JESUS®

According to scripture, upon returning to heaven after his death and resurrection, Jesus sat down in a chair next to God. I imagine them sitting like this often, watching the events on Planet Earth and making commentary. My guess would […]

New XXXChurch ad targets parents…

Effective? Love that Ron Jeremy makes a cameo. With sheep. Not sure why the puppet is there, but all in all, it’s a decent ad that might serve as a good reminder to parents. Found here. Thanks Matt.

Christian mugshot of the year

According to Smoking Gun… Meet Robert Norton Kennedy. The South Carolina man, 51, was arrested Saturday morning for assault and battery. He is being held in the Horry County jail on lieu of $5000 bail. According to the suspect’s forehead, […]

11 days until ‘Judgment Day’ (and I’m not laughing)

I’ve only mentioned this “End of the World” story once or twice on my blog. But now that End of the World is less than two weeks away, I thought it was time to mention it again. Why mention it […]

Church sign of the day!

Good News toys

Found at American Jesus!

In Tha Muthahood…

God’s doing a ‘Nu Thang’ for Michael Clancy

Remember this kid? That was 1992. This is that “kid” today. His name is Michael Clancy. And he’s a lawyer in Arizona. The folks at HyperVocal interviewed Michael. HV: As of right now, the video which was uploaded about a […]

Can your soul lick the face of God?

If my soul has a tongue… and can lick the face of God… I want to be God’s beagle.

Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?

Is Mike Huckabee in hell?

When I learned that a part of Mike Huckabee’s response to Osama Bin Laden’s death was “Welcome to hell, bin Laden”, I thought it was a joke or a misquote or a line from a Toby Keith song. Since it’s […]

Caption this!

A 'Supernatural' interview w/the man who spent 23 minutes in hell

The special effects alone make this work watching. And the “man on the street” portions are great, too, though they’re completely scripted and poorly acted out… But the BEST parts… the very BEST parts of this video are the Hell […]

Free tires from Jesus

What the heck is 'Christian unity'? #RestoreUnity

Art credit: Karen Bates. So Rachel Held Evans has her hands full this week. Not only is she trying to “restore unity,” she’s also attempting to raise 1000s of dollars for clean water in Africa. So please, let’s help her […]

Is the doctrine of hell psychologically damaging?

The conversation happens between Bill O’Reilly and Pastoral Counselor Jack McKinney. I’m not familiar with Jack. But he handled himself pretty well, considering he’s on The O’Reilly Factor. Hell is such a weird topic to discuss, whether it’s being preached […]

Church sign of the day

This is how the Tea Party celebrates American manhood!

No, this isn’t old. Like the good patriots over at American Jesus point out… What’s perhaps most incredible about this video is the fact that it’s not one of those classic late 80′s, early 90′s videos from a bygone era […]

Caption THIS Jesus picture!

Child covers DC Talk's 'Nu Thang'

Christian Nightmares found this first!

Pastor Ed Young works on his 'Swagger'

The man doesn’t need swagger; I think he needs healing. Found at Christian Nightmares!

A fascinating exposé on 'Faith Healing'

Found at THIS fantastic new blog: Faith Palm

'Christian bumper sticker' of the day!

Thank you Zac.

Some dirt on pornography and women

A couple weeks ago, my friend Crystal Renaud released her book Dirty Girls Come Clean. The book is about pornography and sex and Crystal’s journey of recovery. The book is written primarily for Christian women, but I think some Christian […]

WHAT: Joel Osteen has never heard of Mark Driscoll?!

BrianD (<-great blogger, btw) blogged yesterday about a very interesting excerpt from Cathy Lynn Grossman’s USA WEEKEND feature on Joel Osteen: Ms. Grossman writes: …In Osteen’s sermons, bad times can be reimagined as opportunities. Someone left you? Lost your job? […]

A review of Rob Bell's 'Love Wins'

The following review is by Adam Ellis The fact that Rob Bell’s new book is considered controversial is as much a testimony to the marketing prowess of HarperOne (not to mention the unintentional marketing prowess of some critics), as it […]

Palm Sunday: A short film

I don’t know about this. It’s well-made. But does the church setting/denomination really fit the theology? Maybe it does. It just seems that a Catholic/Lutheran/ Episcopal or whatever kind of church this is (my point being: it’s not Rick Warren’s […]

Bed Intruder Song, the Christian version


Church sign of the day

I’m sure they meant to add “twice removed”… Sent to me by Jarbas.

Sad Friday: A Lesson Learned about Satire and the Church

This post is written by Eric Olsen… Last week, I created “Good Friday”, a parody of the infamous Rebecca Black’s song, “Friday”. This video achieved brief mainstream notoriety when celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton posted the video on To be […]

Jesus picture of the day

Caption this!

The last 2 minutes of Mark Driscoll's Easter sermon (with soundtrack)

The suit is fitting. UPDATE: If you’re a fan of Mark Driscoll, you may want to read this blog post. Enjoy! From Christian Nightmares!

There's something wrong with Pat Robertson

What the crap is Pat talking about? Poor Pat. Why doesn’t he just retire? Or why doesn’t somebody retire him? I don’t think he should be shot like a lame stallion. But he should leave broadcasting for good and perhaps […]

'Christian t-shirt' of the day!

Uh oh. Heaven is keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Vegas. All you silly sinners who actually believe the advertising ploy that your sin “stays in Vegas,” you’ve been duped! Apparently God’s been keeping impeccable records on all […]

PLEASE WATCH THIS STORY FROM NPR: 'For Prostitutes, An Alternative To The Streets'

My wife and I have given often to the ministry mentioned above. I’ve met its founder, Becca Stevens, several times. She’s a dear soul. And Jessica has volunteered for the ministry. If you’re looking to support an amazing cause, consider […]

One church's message to God's PEEPle

Like the guys at American Jesus, I’m not sure what this church promotional video is trying to communicate. Thoughts?

Is Barry Manilow one of Satan's tools?

I found this at Dangerous Minds. It’s a clip about the dangers of rock-n-roll from 1982’s Rock: It’s Your Decision. I can’t tell you how many of these types of sermons I sat through as a child. Barry Manilow gets […]

When Christians who can't sing insist on singing in church AGAIN…

Our favorite church singer offers us a second song… Sent to me by Angela!

Jesus picture of the day: Banana Jesus

My greatest career mistake involves a former Christian superstar (shirtless)

Now before you judge me, let me explain. Or try to explain… When I started working at, a friend of mine was working at EMI Christian music group and in charge of securing “reviews” for the cover of Carman’s […]

Easter church sign of the day! #SoUnfortunate

Happy Easter takes on a whole new meaning… Found at Christian Nightmares!

If you LOVE America, you will want to see this!

I want that windbreaker. Found at American Jesus!

Remember those 2000 dancing Christians in Houston? (Here's the Richard Simmons Remix)

Wow. I told you guys it looked like Richard Simmons choreographed this. So funny.

LISTEN: Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill sing 'How Great Thou Art'


Yet another Easter-inspired 'Friday' parody called 'Good Friday'

Not bad… well, it is bad. But it’s pretty good for being a parody of something so bad…

A Minnesota church is bribing people to come to their Easter service

The Crossing, a church in Elk River, Minnesota, wants new people to fill their church auditorium this Easter. And if you attend, you might just win a sweet prize! No, not Jesus. Or eternal life in Heaven. Or a mug […]

When paganism, Bible stories, and capitalism collide…

Sent to me by Omar.

Owl City's version of 'In Christ Alone'

Church advertisement of the day: Darwin and Jesus kissing?

So what is this trying to say? That Darwin loves Jesus? That they love each other? That they make out sometimes when adhered to a car’s bumper? Or perhaps they meant that Jesus loves Darwin? What do you think? Sent […]

When Christians that can't sing insist on singing 'special music' in church

All I can say is… uh… hmm… Praise the Lord? Yeah, something like that. Poor girl. Poor God. If you’re offended by this post, don’t blame me… blame THIS GUY.

MUST SEE: 'A Portrait of Christ' by @JeremyCowart (with @DerekWebb)

A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo. This is pretty amazing.

Not sure what this means…

Jesus answers THIS question: "Why do I allow evil to exist?"

Sent to me by Naked Troll. SOURCE Thoughts?!

Did you know that Prince William is a descendant of fallen angels?

Sent to me by Mariah and found at Wonkette.

God's army riding on horses (through Alabama)

Sent to me by Michael!

'Christian album' cover of the day! #TammyFaye!!!

Found at Christian Nightmares!

A Paranormal Easter?

Eastlake Community Church in Washington State is celebrating a “Paranormal Easter”… Sounds sort of interesting. The graphic is definitely well done. And Ryan and Jeremy, the church’s pastors seem like really nice guys. If anybody lives close, check it out […]

Easter Under Attack

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Easter Under Attack – Egg Edition Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive

Jesus picture of the day


SALUTING THE LAMB: I just can't get enough of Echoing Praise…

Saw this over at Scotteriology… This video is like watching 2 Kelly Taylors from “90210” salute the cross.

We now know what's wrong with Ann Coulter…

When I saw the title of Ann’s new book, I immediately assumed it was an autobiography or at the very least a personal memoir. But alas, it seems that Ann has either completely lost it or she’s actually writing satire […]

Here's the ad that has Catholics crying blasphemy (PG13)

Read the story here. Thoughts?

Eating, licking, and sucking on Easter…

Church sign of the day!

Has the Holy Spirit ever made you dance like this?

God’s spirit really starts to get down around .45.

This is what happens when praise echoes…

Sent to me by Scottie!

JUST IN: Terrorist cell groups discovered in churches!

This is horrible on so many levels… Found at American Jesus!

A sign you don't want in your church's parking lot

And this one was seen in the parking lot of a church. Sent to me by Mike!

Jesus is wordy

Caption this!

Christian passive aggressive sign of the day…

This sign was sent to me by Chris (he also snapped the picture). He found it in the bathroom of a Christian bookstore in Alabama. This sign begs a few question though: 1) Do you think Jesus washed his hands […]

The story of Jesus in anime

I know very little about Japanese animation, mostly because I’ve never been much of a fan. (Hated “Speed Racer” when I was a kid). However, from what I can tell, this is pretty well done. It kept my attention throughout, […]

Should male church staff members have beards? (the theology of facial hair)

Fundie Jack tells us why he doesn’t let his church staff have beards… Found at Christian Nightmares!

'Christian t-shirt' of the day!

An Anointed Mime…

I can’t wait to see Heaven’s mime show. Because it will be awesome and non-creepy, I’m sure…

WHAT THE?! A Christian man plays with his snake in a tub (to explain sin)

Found at Unreasonable Faith!

Jesus for guys

Can you explain what this church sign means?

Sent to me by Omar!

Jesus Christ: Ghetto Star?

Sent to me by Jennifer!

Tim Tebow's stiffy…

A statue of Tim Tebow (featuring scripture verses under his eyes) was unveiled at the University of Florida… Story here. Found at Christian Nightmares.

Asteroids will destroy Earth!

And Pat Robertson can hardly wait! He’s on pins and needles waiting for this to happen. Heck, he’s even done the math and made all of the necessary calculations, and he is certain that it will be an asteroid that […]

QUESTION: Is THIS CHURCH being clever or trying too hard?

Sent to me by Daniel!

'Christian billboard' of the day

Mistakes happen, write?

Rob Bell's answer to my question…

Remember when I said that I had asked Rob Bell a question last week when he was here in Nashville? Well somebody got video of Rob’s answer… My question was: “Rob, we’ve focused a lot of time and attention of […]

Church signs of the day!

Gimme oil in my lamp…   For some, it’s the left hand… Found here!

Jesus and chickens


WOW: 2000 Christians dance in Easter flashmob

So I was sent this by a member of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, which is the very church that put together this amazing Old Navy commercial! Looks like pastels have resurrected once again for the spring season! It’s like watching […]

Fundamental Baptist Pastor responds to 20/20 story

Wow. What an ass. Unreal.

Donald Trump's interview with 'The 700 Club'

Some of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I believe in God. I am Christian. I think the Bible is certainly, it is the book, it is THE thing.” “Well I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. […]

Bad Jesus tattoo of the day

Fundamentalist pastor attacks Justin Bieber and other 'fems'

Found here.

Three things God CANNOT do!

Found at Christian Nightmares!

A GUEST POST: What I've Learned About Blogging From Matthew Paul Turner

Today’s post is from writer, blogger, (and chemist?) Bryan Allain. As I’ve said before, Bryan is one of my favorite bloggers–and not just because he’s funny and my friend, either–because he’s a really good blogger. (You can read his blog […]

Church sign of the day (this one's yummy)

Found here. Sent to me by Matt.

CAPTION THIS: Possibly the MOST ridiculous Jesus picture ever painted…

Sent to me by Marc!

GOD IS ANGRY: Make him a sandwhich

This video is a parody of this National Day of Prayer video. Sent me to by Jarbas Aragão!

WHAT ROB BELL BELIEVES (A response to his critics…)

Sent to me by Marilyn…

The 20/20 on growing up in Christian fundamentalism

The above is a clip from last night’s 20/20. You can watch the whole episode here. The episode is an expose of sorts about the denomination Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB). I say “expose,” but it’s difficult to expose a group […]

Fascinating: Lady Gaga meets a Christian fundamentalist…

Lisa sent me this video. And she offers some good insight about her thoughts here in this blog post. The portion about her meeting a fundamentalist begins just after the 2-minute mark.

Woman vomits demon up and into trashcan

You can’t make this stuff up. Wow. Found at Christian Nightmares.

UGH: A Kansas City church starts sermon series called 'Swagger Jacker' (and creates a rap song to celebrate!)

Swagger Jacker from Nexus Church on Vimeo. Do you jack swagger? Not Jimmy Swaggart! Other people’s swagger? Do you jack it? Well, if you do then Nexus church calls you a Swagger Jacker. Which I believe is an insult… or […]

The theology of shoe repair…

Art of Christ…

I like this. The artist.

Matt Chandler vs. Steven Furtick

Chandler and Furtick from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo. Here’s a clip from Ben Armant’s The Elephant Room. I love Ben. He organizes some very interesting and helpful conferences. And The Elephant Room is definitely one of those ideas. ER […]

The greatest 'Jesus junk' ever made!

I would totally buy this. What is this? It’s a “Jesus head w/a light bulb Adam’s apple”! Who wouldn’t want to own this amazing God-inspired artifact? Who knew that the light of the world comes from Christ’s clavicle?! Did you? […]

A Christian rapper spits 'Obama, Reid, Pelosi'

Found at Christian Nightmares.

Don't be a Badventist: Get Adventist Alert!

This is pretty funny (if you know anything about Seventh Day Adventists)…

THE PARODY YOU WERE WAITING FOR: 'Sunday' (or God's 'Friday'?)

The father of the young singer in this video sent this to me! And he told me to be nice. As if I’m ever mean?! Well, his daughter can certainly sing better than Rebecca Black. All in all, not a […]

What do you do when your Jesus statue burns to the ground?!

Remember Touchdown Jesus, the statue of Christ in Ohio that was hit by lightning and burned to the ground?! Well, appropriately for this time of year, Christ shall rise again. But it won’t be the same Christ. The new “Christ” […]

A Happy Easter Song: Jesus died for his peeps!

Uh… 'Christian limo' of the day!

This picture was taken in Albany, NY. Photo was sent to me (and taken) by Joanne!

Rob Bell's Nashville visit: A few thoughts

Last night I heard Rob Bell talk about Love Wins at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center. I’ve met Rob before, but this was the first time I was able to hear him preach/speak live. I tried taking notes. But since […]

'Christian sign' of the day

Or should I say, Christian signS of the day?

THREE WORDS: Motorcycle. Jumping. Ministry.

According to the Florida Times-Union… Aaron Ramsey needs space to preach, usually a parking lot’s worth. That’s where he’ll be Saturday and Sunday when his motorcycle-jumping ministry surges through a wall of fire and over nine buses outside Calvary Baptist […]

Robbed Hell: A parody

Robbed Hell – C.A.S.T. Pearls Presents from Canon Wired on Vimeo. Well-done parody. Funny at times. Even clever. Ultimately, it tries too hard to make a point. And still doesn’t prove anything. Besides, Jesus never talked about zits. Sent to […]

'National Day of Prayer' starring Nicolas Cage?

National Treasure: The People Pray! lol

Caption this!

The Best of the Worst of DC Talk

Found at Everything is Terrible

Some inspiration for the Christian single lady

Whether you agree with every one of her words or not, you gotta admit she’s a clever and creative communicator. And she brings a passion to a stage that is only rarely seen inside church buildings. Because of her passion, […]

A Christian retailer with a sense of humor? (This is for anybody who has a pastor)

This is a pretty darn good parody. Good job, Cokesbury.

Spend 3 intimate nights with pastors ('Christian sign' of the day!)

3 Intimate Nights with Pastors! Okay, so I know what they mean, but that’s probably not the best way to communicate what they mean. Sent to me by Matt!

Anybody know what THIS is?

A party? A service? A seance? Group therapy? I’m at a loss… but I’m thankful the cute short kid didn’t break his neck when he jumped off the bed. And why is there a Obama cutout in the background? Found […]


The Trinity has never looked so badass

Whoa. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit look NOTHING like I expected. Equally yoked together, this trio looks completely badass. Don’t they? Even Jesus appears way more “Use the Force, Luke” than I imagined him […]

What happens to our week without God? You might be surprised

See? Today isn’t FRIday unless you know God! Without God, it’s FIGHTday. And tomorrow is SHATTERday. I bet no cartoons come on TV on Shatterday morning. You need God for cartoons. (And somebody sent this to me, but I forget […]

The most sexually graphic sermon ever preached?

1) I didn’t make this video. 2) This sermon contains graphic language. Thoughts?


What Christian Fundamentalism Leaves Behind: An Angry Blog Post

One of the questions that I get quite often is this: Are you angry? The answer to that question changes. Today the answer is no, I’m not angry. Two days ago the answer would have been eh, maybe a little. […]

TODAY on James Dobson's radio show: Dr. Jim Garlow talks gay marriage

I found this clip at the blog Joe. My. God. The voice you hear in the clip is Dr. Jim Garlow, the head pastor of Skyline Church. According to… James Dobson had an all-star team of Religious Right leaders […]

Church sign of the day!

THIS has nothing to do with Jesus (but it will blow your mind)

Or scare you for weeks… Sent to me by Kyle.


I was watching CBS This Morning (who does that?) and saw this video being discussed. The whole thing is sad and raw. But when I saw her hold up the “HELP” sign, I lost it. Our words matter. More than […]

Jesus tattoo of the day!

Found at Christian Nightmares!

A Good Song: Shawn McDonald's 'Closer'

Hey @jonacuff, is this a Jesus Juke?

I’m not sure this is what Jon Acuff means by “Jesus Juking”. I think this might just be good ole fashion passive aggressiveness. Or perhaps this is juking Jesus.

Man has a church staff meeting with two angels

Or its something like that. But it involves gold teeth, silver trumpets, windy spirits, and fireballs. And I’m pretty sure he also speaks about having an outer body experience (in Missouri). And so much more. Christian Nightmares found this.

My thoughts on Mark Driscoll's hell…

Aaron sent me this link to me last night. I watched it. And then I re-watched it. And then I woke up this morning and watched it again. And I’m just going to share a few thoughts… Now, before I […]

Introducing the Killer Don Miller!?

Sent to me by Aran.

Epic Fail Pastors Conference

Epic Fail Pastors Conference from Epic Fail Pastors Conference on Vimeo. This conference sounds pretty cool. I’ve always loved speaking at conferences (I’ve only spoken at a few), mainly because I think so often pastors do feel beat up a […]

English church finds an original copy of KJV Bible from 1611

Pretty amazing.

When Christians take Jesus's name in vain…

Found here.

MUST HEAR TO BELIEVE: A gospel song about a nuclear Jesus

Never has utter destruction sounded so sweet to the ears…

Caption THIS Jesus picture…

A two-year-old presents 'The Everlasting Gospel'

The “preaching” starts at 1:10. Found at Christian Nightmares!

Burger King of kings…

Found at Mike Mitchell’s Amazing Things…

Can an optical illusion help people find Jesus?

This video confuses me. I hopes it’s just poor editing. But I don’t think so. At the end where the evangelist Tony Miano asks the young man…”does it make sense?!” I want to shout no, this makes no sense. But […]

Evolution has met its match!?

Social media theology…. (on a bumper sticker)

Sent to me by Brad!

Why one Tennessee Christian became a Muslim…

Read more here.

Have you heard the band Turning violet Violet?

Check out the band’s site here.

SNL's 'Like A Boss' gets Christianized

If you don’t know what this is a parody of, click here. <-That link isn't safe for church (at least, not without ear buds). Sent to me by Josh!

Church sign of the day!

Filled or filed? Sent to me by Les!

How not to say 'Jesus loves you'

Nothing says “Jesus loves you” like a heart-shaped noose.

Pastor loses job for liking Rob Bell's book?

Sigh… When Chad Holtz lost his old belief in hell, he also lost his job. The pastor of a rural United Methodist church in North Carolina wrote a note on his Facebook page supporting a new book by Rob Bell, […]

That 'Glee'ful kiss

What’s wrong with Victoria Jackson? And why is she on CNN acting as though she’s still performing in one of those SNL skits from the 1980s? I think she’s waiting for Dennis Miller to cut in. Now, I’m not suggesting […]

Does Church Make You Fat?

According to a new study… the answer is maybe. The study doesn’t prove that attending services is fattening, nor does it explain why weight might be related to faith. Even so, the finding is surprising, especially considering that religious people […]

Your favorite Christian YouTube singer!

She’s back with a new tune! Found at Christian Nightmares!

'Christian Rap Song' of the day (this is AMAZING)

Sent to me by Tim!

Christian camp counselors remake 'Friday' by Rebecca Black

Found at Christian Nightmares!

WANTED: Theologians with Facebook accounts and crazy hair

Sent to me by Stephen!

Does the Bible support smoking pot?

Well… one Facebook group says yes. The group Every Seed Bearing Plant suggests that Genesis 1:29 offer biblical support for the extracurricular use of marijuana. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon […]

Country-fied 'Like A Prayer'

Once Little Big Town joins in, this rendition sort of works.

A collection of Jesus pictures (with quotes)!


The Today Show's interview with the boy who went to heaven

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The book about Colton Burpo’s journey–Heaven is Real–is number one on It’s been in the top five for weeks. I haven’t read the book, so I only […]

A 'Christlike' Ozzy Osbourne

Oh dear. I certainly hope Rob Bell is right… for the sake of the artist who created this image… Oddly enough, I met Ozzy Osbourne once–in 1995 or 96. The meeting happened at Structure (yes, the clothing store). I helped […]

I bet you can't guess which cereal mascot God is like… #ChurchSign

Say the words on this sign three times aloud to a coworker, friend, or spouse. Chances are, by the third time, this sign will make absolutely no sense at all… But… By all means, don’t think about the words on […]

Spiritual orgasms

I’ve never experienced anything close to that… at least, not at church with my pastor standing next to me. Have you?

Where Would Jesus Park?

A Crosspoint church member found this on their church windshield after church yesterday! Found here.

Caption this!

'I know the answer! Pick me! Pick me!'

Jesus has great hair.

Jesus has a migraine

Pole Dancing for Jesus (worship with a pole!)

Sent to me by Hannah! Here’s another video of it… Pole Dancing for Jesus Class in Texas: Found here!

'Christian Facebook Ad' of the day

  Is the lady in the picture a graduate or in need of healing? Sent to me by Emily!

If Jesus was here today, he'd be a biker?

The Rickey Dale Show: 'It ain't God's fault yo Grandmama smokes crack!!'

This guy is hilarious. He gets a bit judgmental toward the middle. But somehow, his delivery (and the nail clippers) makes even that sort of awesome. Sent to me by Dallas!

You've may have seen this already…

And hopefully it helps you smile this Friday morning. Filmed this as we left for church last Sunday morning.

Come have a ball with Jesus! (at a testical festival in Texas)

Come have a ball with Jesus… what the… What?! I figured this had to be fake. But then I Googled it. And I found… JACKSONVILLE — The Texas Testicle Festival has two missions. The first is to glorify God by […]

Pastor reveals 'spiritual signifigance' of the 'Japanese earthquake'

That’s the pastor’s title… not mine. I realize that an earthquake can’t actually be Japanese… Found at Joe. My. God. For the 16-minute version of this sermon (which offers a bit of context), click here.

Life feels like this sometimes…


Christian Facebook status of the day!

I also found this supporting the whole “11th” theory… The only problem is this: I’m pretty sure the Haiti earthquake happened on the 12th of January, not the 11th.

Kirk Cameron presents 'The Evidence Bible'

Found at The American Jesus…

Best use of the word 'dog' in a church sign?!

This picture was taken and sent to me by Michael!

Martin Bashir's 'interview' with Rob Bell

Armed with one scathing review (any guesses which one?), MSNBC’s Martin Bashir entered into dialogue with Rob Bell like he was Jonathan Edwards and Bell was a spider. Martin dangled Bell over his theology as if to tease him with […]

Pastor tells congregation to 'F' thy neighbor

Sent to me by Matt (and a couple others).

MUST SEE: 'Bless You,' a Christian remake of Cee-Lo's 'F*** You!'


We NEVER do this to baby Jesus

Never. Or for that matter, we shouldn’t do THIS to Mary, either…

Yodeling Jesus

Found at Christian Nightmare!

My thoughts about Rob Bell's interview #LoveWins

I watched the online interview with Rob Bell last night. For an hour, Lisa Miller of Newsweek asked Rob a list of questions regarding topics such as heaven, hell, Jesus, and universalism. There were no surprises, really. In true Rob […]

'Christian t-shirt' of the day

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Pat Robertson blasts SNL over Jesus, Tebow skit!
Hmm. SNL has poked fun with Jesus before… Chances are, Pat wouldn’t have said anything about this skit had it not been poking fun at Tebow… SNL has used “Jesus” in skits many many times. There seems to be a double ...

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Pirates, bubbles, and Jesus
Merry Christmas… Pirates, bubbles, and Jesus is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR ...

posted 9:02:42am Dec. 22, 2011 | read full post »

Bad nativity…
@gveitinger Bad nativity… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR ...

posted 8:18:59pm Dec. 21, 2011 | read full post »


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