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My friend Cassie Jaye and her production company Jayebird Productions are preparing to release a new documentary, The Right To Love: An American Family.

You might remember that, I “starred” (well, I appeared) in Cassie’s last documentary Daddy I Do.

Daddy I Do went on to win a slew of awards, including “Best Documentary” at Cannes Film Festival.

I can’t wait to see Cassie’s new documentary, The Right To Love (it releases in 2012).

The film has already been creating some good buzz online. But along with that good buzz has been some controversy, too. But. So far, the controversy hasn’t come from the places that one might suspect.

Check out the clip below to learn about the controversy. One of the documentary’s stars and brainchild of the organization Gay Family Values discusses the controversy…

Hopefully the controversy will spark good conversation and not hinder the film’s success… I’m excited for Cassie and hope nothing but good things to come from the release of this new doc.


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