Jesus Needs New PR

I found this video at Stuff Fundies Like. It’s a promotional video for a new dating site for people who are “King James-only” Christians.

According to the King James Bible Singles website…

This site is for independent fundamental Baptist King-James-Bible-believing Christians who would like a husband or wife, but haven’t found the right person in their local church and hence wish to connect with singles from other likeminded churches.

But there’s also a warning…

Beware of predators who use lies, fake identities, etc. to lure victims. This is very common on social sites, and there is no guarantee it will not happen here. Pray, use discernment, and NEVER meet ANYONE in person ALONE, no matter how trustworthy they seem in internet correspondence. I suggest meeting at your local church, preferably with your pastor. And carry a gun for protection (until Obama takes it from your cold dead hand).

Watch the video. You’ll get a taste of the kind of church experience I grew up in…. yep, I was raised in an independent fundamental Baptist church…


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