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The above video is from February 2009: That’s when the woman featured in the clip began her first 40-day fast.

Well, this year, she decided to do THREE consecutive (almost consecutive) 40-day fasts. According to the woman…

I am beginning a 40 day fast, and if possible, the 1st 40 day fast of 3 separate, consecutive 40 day, water only fasts. (A water fast is one in which only water is consumed.) These three water fasts will be separated by 7 days of eating – (the days of Passover Week) – so the 3 fasts will consist of a 40 day fast before Passover Week and a 40 day fast immediately following Passover Week. While breaking the fast during Passover, only “Kosher for Passover” foods will be eaten. After this, there will be a 40 day fast following four days of eating during Shavuot/Pentecost. I post this information with every video.

I am fasting for spiritual reasons, the primary motivations being to become the woman G-d wants me to be, to know and do what He wants me to do, and to, in general, become the person He wants me to become. I am NOT doing this for the purposes of weight loss, cleansing, experimentation, record setting, health, or for any other non-religious alterior motive. Nor am I doing this for anyone else, though other individuals have asked me to pray for certain things during this time.

Below is the woman on her final day of her last (as far as I know) 40-day fast.

You can follow the woman’s entire fasting journey at her YouTube page.

Is this healthy? Is this really the point of spiritual fasting? I’m not a professional, but something doesn’t seem right about this. It seems excessive and dangerous and more like an eating disorder than a fast…

Your thoughts?

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