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The following is a guest post by my friend Scott Moore, a film maker who lives in Nashville…

So what really is worthy of our time? What is really worthy of our money? What is worthy of our lives? I pushed forward into the wind to test my own faith in this regard and I discovered a few truths.

1. We most appreciate what costs us the most. There is a direct correlation between our treasure and our heart. It is human nature to want to protect things that are valued. And, not all treasure is made of gold. Time and relationships rank up there with the greatest treasures on the planet.

2. We will want more of whatever thing we invest most into. It is human nature to want more. Wherever we spend our lives, that is the thing we will want even more. What are we passionate about? That is where we will continue to invest.

3. We are the greatest hurdle to my own treasures. If abundance only breeds a desire for more, could I ever get enough of me? Better question, why would I want to get enough of me? It is kind of like pointing a video camera at a television that is displaying what the camera sees … it ends up spiraling into an endless narcissistic loop – a black hole of self absorption.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about these things lately. Why? Well in a seemingly bizarre happenstance, my wife and I both lost our jobs a few months ago. Yes, it sucked. Yes, it knocked the wind out of us. But since we had some free time on our hands, we decided to evaluate what was most worthy of our lives and go pursue that together.

Instead of jumping out looking for jobs, we spent the last four months developing a film that we are very passionate about. It’s probably not going to be a Hollywood Blockbuster, but it is an incredible story that we believe will make a difference in the lives of the millions of children living on the streets around the world. It’s also very close to our hearts because we learned about it through our own adoptions (see number 2. above). It is estimated that 150 million children are living in the streets worldwide. Our documentary Becoming Fools will depict comedy healing tragedy as homeless children in Guatemala learn the art of clowning to discover hope.

43 days ago, we walked forward in faith to raise funds for this film through the crowd-funding site For 43 days, we have poured every last ounce of ourselves into promoting this story in hopes of being able to raise the funds needed to tell it. It has been a wild ride to say the least.

Now … Flash forward to today. We have one week left in our Kickstarter fundraising campaign and we are currently sitting at 34% of our goal. Those are long odds aren’t they? Call me a fool, but I still believe we can make it … if that is what God wants. My wife Amelia and I hope it is what God wants. That is our heart’s desire. We have had no plan B … we want to tell this story because it is a treasure that will connect to hearts.

In a time when people are bombarded daily with causes and requests for time and money, Amelia and I are asking you to consider joining us in Becoming Fools. Together we can make a difference … And next week, if for some reason God decides that this is not what is best and our campaign is unsuccessful … Well … Amelia and I will still believe this was a worthy investment of our lives.

Want to see what we think is worthy of our lives? Click the link below and consider making a pledge to help us tell this powerful story.


Becoming Fools – Kickstarter Update 10: Sharing Hope from Athentikos on Vimeo.

What is really worthy? (three ideas and a request) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

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