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I’m not sure when it officially started, but it appears that the “principles” of The Christian Party of America (CPA) were published online on April 12, 2011 at around 10 p.m., so despite its website looking like something that was around when Dole/Kemp stickers were in season, The CPA is (I’m assuming) fairly new.

Who’s in charge of the CPA? Well, it’s none other than Clell M. Drumheller, II (pictured below).

Doesn’t he look like the ideal leader of a Communist Christian Combative Political regime? I think I’ve seen CCCP somewhere before…

Clell lives in a basement somewhere in Houston.

So what does Clell’s CPA stand for?

Well, here are its 12 official principles… along with my personal thoughts & comments (in red).

1. 100 % Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, and Pro-Private Property Ownership. (The terms “Life” and “Liberty” are subjective and “Private Property Ownership” means “we own cannons, tanks, and hand grenades.”)

2. Complete National Sovereignty for the USA (Aw, they’re like patriotic Calvinists–just like the Pilgrims.)

3. Maintain Strong National Defense of the actual oil interests of the United States–meaning Texas!–, only. With this Secure Our Southern Borders, Home Interior, Kirk Cameron, Language, Lee Greenwood songs, and Culture, as well as Embrace Fair Trade Policy.

4. Return the Rule of Law to Our Nation – ending the Rule of Prominent Personalities (people such as Will & Kate, Hillary, or those who wear turbans and Unaccountable Entities that, currently, dominates. (Yep, they own cannons.)

5. Truly Constitutional, Limited Government – at all levels – according to the principles of Strict Construction and Original Intent–Let Wal-mart and cattle farmers do whatever they want.

6. Restore All Constitutional Rights and Protections to Citizens. US Constitutional Rights are, only, for Actual Citizens of the USA. (And let’s put the Constitution back in the King James Bible where it belongs, between Judges and Ruth.)

7. Restore Home Rule and States’ Rights and Sovereignty. (See? Just like the Pilgrims.)

8. Rescind the 16th (concerning the Federal Personal Income Tax) and 17th (concerning the way U.S. Senators are elected) Amendments.  (And call the American people Israelites.)

9. Eliminate all Taxes Other than Those Permitted in the Original Constitution and Practiced by the Nation’s Founders. (And bring back Confederate money.)

10. End Unconstitutional Government Spending (BUY GOLD) — and the Federal Reserve System (BUY GOLD) — and Return to Sound, (BUY GOLD) Backed Money. (BUY GOLD)

11. Congressional Reform. Make them wear wigs again.

12. Good Character, as determined and judged by observed behavior, on the Part of Those in Public Office, based on the standards of our Judeo-Christian (meaning, White) heritage.

I’m not sure how any of that is “Christian” but if you’re interested in joining the Christian Party of America, you can learn more here.

Thank you Melody… SOURCE

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