Jesus Needs New PR

Blog reader, Omar, sent this Tennessean article to me.

It was Riley West’s fourth and final shot of insulin of the day. Riley’s grandfather sat beside the 5-year-old and gave her the shot, and he reached for the box of bandages.


“It just dawned on me, we pray for healing at home and we pray for healing at church,” Tim West said. “Why are we putting Scooby-Doo on something so serious?”

Seriously, SCOOBY-DOO?!  That’s just a codename for Satan’s canine. Who wants to put a picture of one of Satan’s pets on their grandchild’s boo boos.

West decided consumers needed bandages with healing Bible verses written on them.

That night, West and his wife discussed ideas, drew sketches and came up with the name Band Angels.

How much research did West really do? I mean, it would have only taken a short Google search to discover that THESE JESUS® BANDAGES already existed.

But it’s this part of the feature that makes me laugh…

He couldn’t find a U.S. manufacturer to make the bandages, so he turned to factories in South Korea and China.

SUBTEXT: It was cheaper to create the bandages overseas.

The bandages are emblazoned with one of three verses: “For I am the Lord who heals you”…

“Jesus laid His hands on every one of them and healed them”…

And “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds.”

Do these bandages heal the needle prick AND the diabetes? Or just the needle prick? I know, I know… I’m being a bit of a prick myself. But I have a point. To a 5-year-old who has seen Scooby-doo help “heal” her boo boos from needles, will she have any expectation that grandpa’s Jesus bandages will heal her from diabetes?

I think there’s a mixed message here. Scooby-Doo only promises a grin or smile after the prick of a needle.

The words of Christ promise much more…

Oh, and Mr. West, am I able to get the angels in Asian?

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