Jesus Needs New PR
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When I learned that a part of Mike Huckabee’s response to Osama Bin Laden’s death was “Welcome to hell, bin Laden”, I thought it was a joke or a misquote or a line from a Toby Keith song. Since it’s […]

The special effects alone make this work watching. And the “man on the street” portions are great, too, though they’re completely scripted and poorly acted out… But the BEST parts… the very BEST parts of this video are the Hell […]

Art credit: Karen Bates. So Rachel Held Evans has her hands full this week. Not only is she trying to “restore unity,” she’s also attempting to raise 1000s of dollars for clean water in Africa. So please, let’s help her […]

The conversation happens between Bill O’Reilly and Pastoral Counselor Jack McKinney. I’m not familiar with Jack. But he handled himself pretty well, considering he’s on The O’Reilly Factor. Hell is such a weird topic to discuss, whether it’s being preached […]