Jesus Needs New PR

Doing this audio book was a dream come true. Seriously. I’ll tell you about that later. But it was a really amazing experience…

For now… please download the audio book of Churched FOR FREE!

Share it with your friends!

Tweet about it!

Send it to people you love!

Send it to people you sometimes don’t love!

Give it away!

Talk about it on Facebook!

Burn it onto CDs for friends…

Embed the above widget onto your blog!

But… most of all… I hope you enjoy it…

And yes, right now it’s FREE!

So please, help me spread the word!

And I’m excited about this (which is why I’m using !!!!), so be prepared to get sick of me talking about it…

Also… I must say special thanks to Todd Farrell for studio/editing work! And also his patience with me when I messed up… over and over and over again… 🙂 And also… to Jeffrey East who graciously gave of his time and talent (he’s the piano player!) to make this project even more unique and special!

So… download, listen, share, and then let me know what you think…

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