Jesus Needs New PR

(Use discretion watching the above trailer… )

According to the New York Times…

Satan Hates You is “best appreciated drunk or otherwise impaired…”

NYT goes on to say that… “Satan Hates You” is the kind of horror movie that appears to have been shot in someone’s basement using a box of old Halloween costumes. Yet another project nurtured to fruition by the prolific producer and industry multi-hyphenate Larry Fessenden, this grubby dive into drugs, murder, paganism and promiscuity will need more than a cast stuffed with fanboy favorites to hold audiences in their seats.

Inspired (so the press notes inform us) by the cheap Christian propaganda films of the ’70s, this bizarre spoof follows two extreme sinners on their road to damnation. Marc (Don Wood) is a bisexual psychopath whose unfortunate dates on one-night stands wind up in the Dumpster outside his bedroom window. Wendy (Christine Spencer) is an under-age lush with an insatiable fondness for partying — usually in the men’s room at her local bar.

Read the rest of the review here…

Sounds like a real winner… I wonder if Satan likes it… 🙂

Thanks to JC (and no… not that JC) for sending this to me!

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