Jesus Needs New PR

Last week Seattle’s self-proclaimed BEST PASTOR EVER declared on Facebook that he went to see Jay-Z while in New York City and he was currently listening to Jay-Z music. The update was pretty simple…

It’s a Jay-Z soundtrack kind of day. Watched his NY show this weekend – I know he says bowling words but man the guy is a genius

And then Mark’s followers–mostly young hairless reformed boys–went INSANE–more than 400 comments insane.

Bobby commented… I think if you knew what he was actually rapping about, you wouldn’t want to promote him. Besides, he plainly says on talk shows that he doesn’t believe in Jesus – or the Bible – thus, not God either.

Angie wrote, Mark, I just lost a bit of respect for you. And then 8 people “liked” her comment.

Chris took it to the next level with his comment: Watched a lot of porn for 24 years. I know they were having elicit sex, but they were so beautiful and good at it.

And then Ryan added… He calls himself J-Hova which mocks our almighty Jehova-God. He promotes evil and ungodliness. Yes his musical skills are out of this world, however I wouldn’t call him a genius nor promote him.

Then Jane summed it up… I’m not pleased, but I’m just a sinner, so what matters is…is God really pleased with you listening to this stuff? Seems highly unlikely.

Of course, Mark’s faithful came to his comment rescue…

Greg wrote: Don’t worry about the haters Pastor Mark…

Jeff said: Sometimes Christians make me sick.. hypocrites and legalists. God will spit you out of his mouth and say He never knew you Laodiceans. (SIDE NOTE: Anybody want Jeff as Facebook friend?! Not me.)

Zach chimed in with… This kind of honesty from clergy is refreshing. Also, Jay-Z is tremendous.

Jessica offered her thoughts… Good heavens you guys. No wonder so many people hate Christians. I get it if you just don’t like Jay-Z but all the other shit… Really guys? (SIDE NOTE: And then Angela snapped back at Jessica: why people hate Christians?? Really?? I didn’t know we were here to please people?? I am here to do my best to please God.)

You get the picture, right? It was 400 comments of back-n-forth anger/support that became almost humorous. And sad. And I suppose warranted…

My thoughts…

I have mixed feelings about this honestly. I have zero problem with Pastor Mark listening and enjoying the lyrical genius of Jay-Z. So in the context of whether or not Christians should listen to Jay-Z and the like, I don’t care… not in the least…

However, in the context of “Mark,” I have to question how a pastor can rage against movies like Avatar and Twilight and then casually mention he went to a Jay-Z concert…

Again, I like Jay-Z. I went to see Avatar. And I think Twilight sucks… but I saw it. For me, it isn’t a God question… it’s a Mark question…

Is Mark being inconsistent here? Is the content in Avatar or Twilight worse or “less godly” than the content that Jay-Z puts into song?

I guess what I’m saying is that, in relation to Mark, I see both sides… which is why I think it’s stupid when pastors rally against pop culture. You rarely win.

What do you think?


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