Jesus Needs New PR

“THIS book” would be my book Churched.

And that advice comes from an reviewer…

Mamastiks writes… Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Very sacrilegious and a gross exaggeration of what “goes on” in a fundamentalist church. I grew up in a very strict, conservative, fundamentalist church, and my experience was NOTHING like what is described in this book. It made me feel nothing but angry. I have read his blog a few times, but stopped because for lack of a better term, it is sacrilegious, but I thought I’d read this book since he claims to have grown up in a fundamentalist church. Just thankful I got it from the library and didn’t waste my money on it.

Is it bad that this review actually inspires me a little? I’ve really started to value the 1-star review as much as the 5 & 4-star reviews. Hey, at least the book made Mamastiks feel something. That’s good, right?


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