Jesus Needs New PR

My friend Jason Boyett invited me to write about “doubt” for his blog series on the topic. I was honored.

I hope you enjoy…

Okay, so my name is Matthew and I’m a doubter. (Shall we drink to that?)

The truth is, sometimes I think this whole “Christianity” thing feels like a bad fairytale, like “She-Ra” without the sex appeal and a Pegasus. And other times, my struggling belief that Jesus lives pulls me out of my own muck (and other people’s muck).

For the longest time, existing amid that tension drove me nuts. Whenever I was in a room surrounded by people — you know, friends, family, strangers, etc., who all confess to completely understand the “Good News” (and I feel like I’m always in a room like that) — doubt made me feel what I imagine Sarah Palin would feel in a room full of political science professors: like an hors d’oeuvre.


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