Jesus Needs New PR

Dr. Asa Andrew…

He has a book out on Thomas Nelson…

The love and support of financial-guru Dave Ramsey…

A radio show…

Weekly airtime on Nashville’s Fox station…

But could he be a fraud?

My wife went to see Dr. Asa a few years back for her migraines. We spent somewhere between $2000 and $3000 on trying to get rid of her migraines. Dr. Asa promised he could get rid of them. Fifteen or so weeks later, Jessica’s migraines were worse than they had ever been. She was twenty pounds lighter (frail looking actually)… and still had the headaches.

The Nashville Scene‘s cover story is on the business practices of Dr. Asa Andrew

A detailed list of questions outlining these allegations was sent to Dr. Andrew before press time. A week later, Dr. Andrew issued a brief statement through a Los Angeles public-relations firm. “I am deeply troubled by the hurtful, false and misleading allegations that have been presented to me,” Dr. Andrew said in the statement — the full text of which runs in the accompanying sidebar — although he did not address many of the specific questions.

“In my opinion,” he stated, “they are the work of a few disgruntled former employees with ulterior motives.”

Indeed, the charges might be easy to dismiss from a couple of disgruntled ex-workers. But nearly 20 former employees have spoken with the Scene regarding their concerns. So high is personnel turnover at the Center for Natural Medicine that patients who went on a weekly basis say they rarely, if ever, saw the same people working behind the counter. Many former employees who spoke with the Scene say they quit in disgust.

What’s more, Dr. Andrew may have anticipated their qualms. At least one former worker claims he was fired for refusing to sign a nondisclosure agreement — including the condition that if the employee ever said anything negative about him in the public domain, the employee agreed to pay a penalty of $75,000. Almost all of Dr. Andrew’s employees say they were forced to sign this agreement under threat of dismissal, a testament to the pains he’s taken to maintain his reputation.

For that reason, most would speak only on condition of anonymity, fearful that Dr. Andrew would make good on the agreement and draw them into a costly lawsuit none could afford. A few, however, spoke on the record — evidently feeling they couldn’t afford to stay silent. Read the whole story here.

Can 20 or so former employees be wrong? I doubt it.

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