Jesus Needs New PR

Hey GOP peeps from Iowa, way to go on choosing Jeremy Walters as your candidate for House of Representatives! He’s a real winner.

I mean, seriously, he uses Facebook! So he must be AWFUL AWESOME.

And too, he doesn’t think we should kill gay people! That’s why you chose him, right? Because he so lovable… and merciful… and think AIDS is a punishment from God against gay people…

But he doesn’t think we should kill them! Praise the Lord…. Yeah, according to his Facebook status, he thinks God does that on our behalf… praise the what?!

Looks like Jeremy’s got Jason’s vote.

Jeremy’s grammar rocks!

Now Jeremy did issue an apology…

I am not against people having a gay lifestyle, and the statements made on Facebook have been taken the wrong way. The statement regarding gay homosexuality was not meant to be offensive and I deeply appologize.

As far as the quote from Bible; I was replying to someone elses post. It should have been posted as a comment on their page, not my Facebook wall. I appologize for the mistake and if this statement offened anyone. Both postings have been removed and these comments do not pertain to my campaign or the Republican Party of Iowa. My passion is to listen and learn from the people so I can represent them at the statehouse. Everyone makes mistakes, please forgive me. (VIA)

His Facebook status doesn’t pertain to his campaign. Hmm. But Jeremy, how about your spelling? Does that pertain to your campaign?

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