Jesus Needs New PR

For me, this picture of Jesus is pretty sobering. But it also inspires me.

At first, this image offended me. Let me explain: People ask me all the time if I have a “line” that I won’t cross to what I’m willing to blog about. Well, when it comes to “Jesus Pictures,” my rule has always been that I wouldn’t post images of Jesus on the cross. I think I’ve crossed that line only once or twice. But for the most part, I avoid using them. As a Christian, I can’t make light of images that depict Jesus on the cross because, even if their funny or unrealistic, the cross of Christ is the center Christianity.

For me it’s sacred.

But this image is different for some reason. While Jesus is depicted as if he is hanging on a cross, there’s no cross. Instead, Jesus looks to be standing on a post of some sort and has bags of things–shopping bags full of nice things, I believe–in each of his hands. I don’t know what the artist intended. And I’m happy about that. I think good art shouldn’t tell you how or what to think. I think truly good art creates a space for people to wonder and think and debate and create ideas. I also think good art should inspire good art.

Any ideas or thoughts come to mind when you look at this image?

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