Jesus Needs New PR

Father Valentin during the baptism.
Father Valentin during the baptism.

SOURCE: A priest in eastern Europe has been accused of drowning a baby boy as he baptised him.

Police are investigating Father Valentin for accidential homicide after witnesses at the ceremony said the priest did not cover the baby’s mouth during the ritual, The Sun newspaper reports.

Father Valentin had denied being responsible for the baby’s death during the baptism in Moldova.

The six-week-old baby died on the way to hospital and an autopsy found he had drowned, the baby’s dad Dumitru Gaidau told Romania’s Publica TV.

Mr Gaidau, 36, said his son was clearly in distress during the ceremony.

“He couldn’t inhale, his face turned blue and he was foaming at the mouth. He [the priest] said we should not interrupt this their ritual,” he said.

What a sad and empty story.
Where’s God in this kind of story?
Seriously? Where is he?
I see a priest whose life has been changed forever.
I see devastated parents who believed they were doing the right thing, the holy thing… but instead, they lose a child. A CHILD.
And I see a lifeless baby.
But where’s God? I don’t see him.
I don’t get these kinds of stories.
These are the kind of stories that force me to ask God questions that I once felt guilty about asking.
Usually they contain expletives.
And they’re the kind I yell.
And I no longer feel guilty about asking these questions.
The alternative is for me to sit around and wonder whether or not I’m wasting my time believing that somebody is actually listening to me ask questions. So I always suppose that God would rather me talk, ask, get angry as opposed to not saying anything at all.
But seriously God. That baby didn’t have to die.
I’m calling bullshit.
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