Jesus Needs New PR

For those of you not familiar with “Touchdown Jesus,” you’ve obviously not driven up Interstate 75 through Ohio! Because if you had driven on I-75 outside of Cincinnati, you would have certainly witnessed the majesty and monstrosity of Solid Rock Church’s “Touchdown Jesus.”

Well, “Jesus” is getting a makeover…

According to The traffic-stopping statue of Jesus along Interstate 75 will soon become a spiffier Savior, after a thorough power-washing and a couple fresh coats of paint.

Perhaps they’ll paint it red, black, or yellow to demonstrate how racially diverse Jesus can be. Just an idea.

If you’re wondering why the church erected “Jesus” in front of their sanctuary, the article answers that question too.

According to Ron Carter, Solid Rock’s administrator: “The purpose of the statue is to remind the thousands of people that go up and down I-75 every day that Christ is our hope.”

Yep, hope that came at a cost… $250,000 worth of hope.

I wonder how much it will cost to power wash and paint hope.

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