Jesus Needs New PR

1. Nobody invited them to small group.

2. They’re convinced that Chris Tomlin is a homosexual.

3. The pharmacies in their town were all fresh out of acne medication and moisturizer (And apparently, Abreva).

4. They take the Book of Ezekiel literally.

5. Seven of them are still virgins.

6. This is what happens when you read Brian McLaren.

7. They were practicing a re-enactment of the song “I’m in the Lord’s Army.” Yes sir.

8. They only planned to put an end to the church potluck.

9. Any chance they were altar boys at a Catholic church in Wisconsin?

10. They read their church’s bylaws and found the words “social justice.”

BONUS GUESS: Left. Behind.

What do you think went wrong? 🙂

The New York Times Story here.

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