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If I Were To Do It Again I was a youth pastor for 13 years.  Today, I am active in youth ministry as a volunteer at The Church of the Resurrection near my home in Kansas City but most of […]

Here is a recognized youth ministry leader who is asking us for some help. Let’s pool our ideas and see what we can say… Since I began posting here several months ago I have received a dozen or so requests […]

Again, Chris Folmsbee joins us to discuss the significance of too many youth ministers leaving youth ministry. We need your responses to this today … By Chris: I don’t think I am an alarmist.  The word ‘departing’ in the title […]

Our friend Chris Folmsbee, a leader in youth ministry, offers us one more reflection on youth ministry today, and his topic — youth ministry and church — is as timely as it gets. Let’s think together today about the issue […]

Last Saturday I got up early and drove down to Naperville to speak at a Young Life event. I had prepared myself for a variety of talks since I wasn’t quite sure how Young Life leaders would respond to a […]

We want more attention to be given to youth ministry, and so Chris Folmsbee joins us weekly to offer a post. Today’s post is about mentoring. We welcome, as always, your feedback and conversation. This post today deserves responses from […]

Here is a pressing issue — something Christianity Today recently discussed: the level of familiarity with the Bible’s story. Chris Folmsbee is asking us today to weigh in on what’s going on in our churches and homes. Help us out […]

One of the topics Scot has emphasized of late has been the future of our church and the importance of youth ministry – defined to cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so.  We have been discussing an aspect of […]

We started a discussion a while ago on University Ministry  – a discussion I would like to continue today. And I think the initial question to shape thinking is quite simple: What is the purpose or aim of a College […]

This is the 3d post by Chris Folmsbee, a leader in youth ministry theology. It wasn’t until I was nearly half a dozen years into vocational youth ministry that I began to discover that I couldn’t will a sense of […]