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After four days of editing my Mary ms, I’m about to write a brief note to my editor, Lil Copan, to tell her that writing in green instead of red doesn’t lessen the pain. Sure, sure, I’ll tell her, the […]

Yesterday, sitting in the living room sipping on coffee and peeking out the picture window, I was waiting for the FedEx man to arrive at our home because the edited manuscript of The Real Mary was scheduled to arrive before […]

Jordon Cooper, blogger par excellence (I used that French because he’s Canadian and want to establish a little credibility), posted about me yesterday and I aim to set the record straight today. He wonders if there is a clone out […]

If I were to go back to the beginning of my academic career, say when I began teaching and writing, what would I do differently that would help my reading and writing? That’s an easy one, because I know exactly […]

The blog yesterday about my desk and what I thought was clutter, but which I’ve now learned was quite tidy, generated a question: How to mark the books I read? Well, that’s a good one because I’ve given it more […]

I speak for myself, but by the time I have finished a writing project my desk has gotten so cluttered it embarrasses me. The first thing I do after I print out the manuscript or send off the electronic versions […]

From Michael Russell, who hails from College Station, TX:

I don’t blog much on Saturdays and Sundays. But, I’ve been away and now it is all spilling out. So… here’s a bit to read on defining memoirs.

Some years ago I was writing a letter to my good student-friend, Akiva Cohen. He had written to me and closed off with something in Hebrew, so I thought I’d sign off to him in Hebrew. I used the word […]

If you are going to spend some money on a Christmas present, I reason to myself, you might as well spend it on something that will last. So, I suggest a fountain pen if you are so inclined: