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In one brief prohibition: If you have written a book, don’t create a blog to market your book. Now an explanation:

I got a letter from a pastor up in Seattle, and in it he had these questions: –how many book do you usually have going at a time? –how do you mark-up/make notes in your books? –how do you file/make […]

Recently I was filling up my Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen, drawing ink through the converter from a bottle of Parker black ink, when I somehow got a little ink on my finger. I wondered if anyone would notice, not […]

Matt Wiebe, one of our blogfriends, is wondering about something. Is it academically responsible to cite a blog? Are they reliable sources? You can make comments here, of course, but I’d like to know if “research methods” teachers (at any […]

1. To ape some old words, one can either write a blog or read a blog, but one can’t normally be good at both. Personally speaking, I’ve not done as well at the latter as Kris has and I’ve not […]

Last night as I sat at a table to sign a copy of The Real Mary for someone who asked, a very kind young woman from England, Helen, observed that she liked my fountain pen. Which of course made me […]

I was reading a post at another blog this week when a thought occurred to me that had been triggered by a letter to me from RJS (a faithful blog reader here). This blogger, and I have no desire to […]

Folks regularly write to me to tell me they appreciate that I’m accessible on this blog, and the letters I’m getting are both encouraging and in need of a little bit of a response. The first thing I want you […]

If I’ve been asked this once, I’ve been asked it 500 times: “How do you do it?” And by that my questioners want to know how I have time to teach, write books, take care of this blog, and speak […]

I must confess something: I love seminaries. Other than the obvious — teaching and training pastors and missionaries and evangelists and the like — what I like most is the rhetorical level. Using theological words brings me pleasure, the kind […]