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Good writers have an honest, authentic, living voice, and that is one thing that is about as clear as it gets with Karen Spears Zacharias in her new book Where’s Your Jesus Now? Her father was killed in Viet Nam. […]

Karen Spears Zacharias, like other writers, can’t write without it becoming memoir-ish and personal and personally divulging. So, in Where’s Your Jesus Now?, she doesn’t just talk about fear; she reveals her own fears.

Karen Spears Zacharias is a born storyteller, and that is why I want to commend to you her new book Where’s Your Jesus Now?. I became aware of Karen at our local Barnes & Noble when I happened one evening […]

Read good writers. This is perhaps not said enough: we write more like the people we read than we perhaps know. Those who read all academic textbooks and reference books, as both undergrads and grads tend to do, are influenced […]

Dear Scot, Have you ever blogged about your daily rhythm? I love your blog, but I always wonder how you write so much (and keep your inbox clear)? How do you sleep very much, do housework, play with your son, […]

It’s about time for me to toot a bit about the glory of writing with a fountain pen. Now before you ask, I’ve provided a link to Amazon if you want to see some Fountain Pens. About five times a […]

I got to clean off my desk. The Blue Parakeet lasted a long time and my desk kept getting messier and messier. Here are some pre- and post- pictures…

We have an old desk top iMac on which Lukas set up for us the iTunes player. One of the very few things I can do is find “Scot’s Favorites” and click it as I begin my day of study. […]

We have to put someone’s IP address or e-mail address on a list that recognizes that address and holds the comment for approval. (The same filter sometimes catches some of our regular commenters unintentionally.) However, this post is not about […]

When are you most creative? Or, should I put it more profoundly: When are you most yourself? In the early hours of the day, before most others have awakened, or after midnight, when most have gone on to the rest […]