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It’s been a cold week in Chicago, our home town.  But that doesn’t mean Chicagoans can’t have some fun sledding . Avoid these words! But think about the RAP with JR Briggs. Or of this Retreat for pastors. And this […]

Our last Weekly Meanderings for 2009. So, let’s move on to 2010! It’s unlikely I will have a Weekly Meanderings ready for next week, as we will be on vacation in warmer climes. To begin with, one of our blog’s […]

Merry Christmas from Chicago!   Best story I read this week. “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you,” she wrote to Chris, “but if you are the Chris Astle I was looking for then I just want to thank you. You and […]

Merry Christmas from Chicago! A must-read on the rising surge against Islam by Bob Smietana. A must-read on science and faith by Tim Stafford (HT: AC). A must-watch documentary? A must-read on Lesslie Newbigin. A must-read on spiritual gifts. A […]

Merry Christmas in Chicago KSZ interviews RM-S about mD at OtM. Life of a church planter: Todd Hiestand. Life of a pastor: Jim Martin. Life of a poet: L.L. Barkat. Ted on Tony. LaVonne on wish lists. TSK on Shannon […]

Now is the time to give thanks. O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature:  Make us always thankful for your loving providence;  and grant that we, remembering the account that we […]

Every now and then I wander over to Steve McCoy’s photographs, and I just love this one:   Kris and I are in New Orleans at my annual academic meetings, but we found some links this week before we left […]

The new sculpture of Mr. Rogers in Pittsburgh. Eugene Cho’s ODW is a hit. Good for Eugene, good for all of us. When did death enter the picture? What kind of death then entered the picture? Which one is your […]

When this big fella came by for Trick or Treat,  we gave him our pumpkin! It has been a grey, cloudy, cold week here at the Jesus Creed blog, the World Series plodded along with yet one more trophy for […]

We’ve had grey, rainy weather, so I thought that maybe some sunflowers would greet us this morning for a little lift. Like Lake Wobegon, it’s been a busy but good week in cyberspace… Colson’s piece on atheists who become believers: […]