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Schools opening in Haiti! Michael Spencer, the iMonk, passed away and I hope you visit his blog and read the comments. Karen reflects on her interview with Michael. We’re wondering here at the Jesus Creed blog if folks are listening […]

The best looking little Adidas SuperStar shoes I’ve ever seen! Aksel brings them to you, first thing in the morning, as a not-so-subtle hint that he’s ready to go outside. (And, if you have eyes to see, his shirt says […]

We’ve been on Spring Break, and this is what I found this week … including a picture of Safety Harbor: My links aren’t as complete as usual, but I have a few, and I want to alert you to a […]

Go Cubs! Pray for Chile. Pray for Chile. Pray for Chile. I rarely hear anyone even discuss the appropriateness of icons anymore, but if you’d like to see an Eastern Orthodox critique of the Calvinist position on icons, read this. […]

An image from NASA Kris and I are in Katy, Texas, just outside Houston, this weekend. I’m speaking at First Methodist in Katy, and we’re looking forward to spending time with Marlin Fenn and the good folks at Katy. (Two […]

Kris and I are in Ohio this weekend,  this time in Westerville OH at Heritage Christian Church. Faith and Science conference at Regent, May 4-7. Stellar lineup. Speaking of which, Vern Poythress now has responded to John Walton. John responds […]

The Austrians have their own kind of marathon! I’d not be surprised they have one of these  in Minnesota. Very few have given a life to Youth the way Marko has, and so I’m urging you to read his new […]

The News of the Week for Apple Folks:  The iPad Have you seen our kids at Mabanteneni? Think about sponsoring a child. (Be patient, it takes about a minute for all the pictures of the kids to load.) Pray for […]

I’m in Texas this weekend speaking to the leaders of Irving Bible Church and Kris is in the State of New York at a wedding shower for our niece, Kari Arnet. See you Sunday evening, Kris.  To the right is […]

O’Hare airport parking lot. I don’t often say this, because if I did it would get boring, but we appreciate all the links you send to us weekly. I read them all and then include most on the blog … […]