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Psalm 55:17 (18 in Hebrew): “Evening, morning, and noon.” Notice how the English translations translate.

I’ve offered a mild case for inclusive translation in a previous post, and here I will use Kevin Vanhoozer’s section on what “contextual theology is not” and apply his four criteria to “what dynamic equivalency is not.” Some are suggesting […]

Yesterday’s post discussed inclusive translation for public readings, but raised the question of what translation is all about. What are we doing, or trying to do, when we translate? I will begin with James 1:20 again. Here is the original […]

In general, I believe most translations are fine — I can read the KJV and ASV and the NASB and NIV and the NLT and the NRSV and the ESV and even something as paraphrastic as The Message and say […]

There is no reason here to get involved in all the discussions that linguists and translation theorists get into today. Here are some thoughts we need to consider when we talk about why there are translations. First, the context of […]

I got a request from an e-mailer to blog on translations. This is the first one of such posts. There are a number of good translations available, and there are advocates for each one, and they use a variety of […]