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Chris Jones, a frequent reader of this blog, asked me for some suggestions on books about teaching and education. I rifled my shelves and pulled off my top ten (or so). There are many, many more, and some of you […]

I’ve been asked what are my top books on prayer. Since I covered “prayer books” (as a book with prayers rather than teaching about prayer) in Praying with the Church, I’ll focus here on books that teach us about prayer. […]

My son is a fiction reader, and here are his Top Ten Books: Novels. Thanks Luke. Did he miss some good ones? Top Ten (Semi)-Recent Novels 1. A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway- saddest bookI can ever imagine, and classic […]

A list of my top ten biographies is likely to connect with nobody completely, but that is because biographies are enjoyed because they connect with us for a variety of reasons. I’ve listed those that I’ve enjoyed the most and […]

Since the Left Behind series has come out, I have been asked hundreds of times “What do you think of the Left Behind series?” My answer has always been something like this: “I disagree completely with how they understand prophetic […]

In this series of Top Ten Book we’ve looked at Spiritual Formation, Missional Formation, Jesus books, the Apostle Paul, and New Testament Theology. This one is a list of my favorite books on earliest Christianity that don’t really fit into […]

We’re in a series of blogs about Top Ten Books. We’ve looked at Spiritual Formation, Missional Formation, Jesus books, and the Apostle Paul. This one is on New Testament Theology, by which I mean books that take on the big […]

In this series of blogs on Top Ten Books, I want to cover a variety of topics. Today’s is on Paul and sometime this weekend I want to post one on the Top Ten Books in Biblical Studies (overall). The […]

This one is impossible. Why? So many books on Jesus have been truly ground-breaking and paradigm-challenging, and I’ve limited myself to ten. This list is the top ten Jesus books that I like to read and from which I have […]

Graham Old’s comment stung. Thanks Graham. The list on spiritual formation was slanted too one-sidedly toward individualism, and so I want to add a second list to balance it out. This one focuses on formation as a communal and missional […]