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In Dubai, with a brilliant 65 and several holes ahead of Ernie Els, Tiger turns the pressure up and wins the Dubai classic. He’s won both tourneys he’s entered this year — and in this one he struggled on days […]

Inspite of a Packer victory, we at North Park University again extend our appreciation to the fine work of Mike Holmgren at the Seattle Hawks and the support of Mike and Kathy of North Park:

Tonight’s game between the Bears and the Vikings pits McKnight against John Franke.

First, these two teams don’t deserve to be on national TV. I’m glad I’ve got something to read. Second, the game has now become interesting … 3:23 left in 3d quarter.

No, not with Cedric Benson going down. The Bears lost half their offense when the Broncos made it clear that, had they not kicked to Devon Hester, they’d have won the game. Who will kick to him now? I’ll give […]

Does anyone know what the little green/neon dot on the back of NFL’s quarterbacks’ helmets is all about?

The story has been around for a long time: the Cubs, the storied franchise that plays at the even more storied Wrigley Field — the finest sports venu in the world, are for sale. And Mark Cuban is clearly thinking […]

Tony, coming into Sunday night’s game I was worried the Bears could lose game after game, but now I’m not so sure. I suggest you get the Purple People Eaters up there to get themselves good and ready for a […]

OK, let’s chat about the Cubs. My first comment: we got into the playoffs; we had a good year, much better than last year. This series exposed the same weaknesses the Cubs had all year. What were they?

If you had your choice, would you rather watch a professional game — say baseball or football or basketball or hockey [soccer doesn’t count, not a sport] — at home or at the stadium?