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I have a question for you today about the various lists of spiritual gifts in the NT. I will give here the list in Romans, but we can then look to 1 Cor 12, Eph 4 and 1 Peter, and […]

Romans 12:3 “stresses,” according to N.T. Wright, “the role of disciplined thinking as being at the very root of basic Christian living.” I can’t detail it here, but it would not be hard for us to think of how many […]

According to N.T. Wright, Romans 12:2 “stands alongside [12:1] as the head of the whole section [12-15].” Paul’s point: those who are in Christ are to live in this world as if they were in the New World. Just as […]

At least once a semester, often more than that, I am asked if the earliest Christians continued to sacrifice animals at the Temple. I guess that probably some did, but the “redemptive trend” (if I might borrow from a book […]

Paul knows God’s ways are unsearchable and inscrutable, and it behooves each one of us to bow before the ways of God in this world. About the time we think we’ve got God’s ways figured out, we discover that there […]

God’s promise to Israel — that covenant promise that begins at Genesis 12 — is, according to Paul, “irrevocable” (Rom. 11:29). What is now will not be the way things always will be. As Gentiles have now been moved into […]

Who is Israel in the “all Israel” will be saved (Rom. 11:26)? There are three basic options: 1. Spiritual Israel: the Church and all (elected) Jews who believe in Jesus as Messiah. 2. Ethnic Jews: either those at the time […]

“And so all Israel will be saved.” Romans 11:26 has created more than its share of debates, so let’s just solve it today and tomorrow! 8)

Paul has a concern that his Gentile readers will become proud of their inclusion in the family of God, in the covenant God made with Israel — as he said of Jews/Israel, and he is also concerned that this arrogance […]

Paul’s missionary strategy amazes us at this juncture: his mission to the Gentiles is designed to provoke jealousy among Israel so that it, too, will turn to faith in the Messiah. And his theology shapes it all: his Gentile readers […]