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Paul has undoubtedly heard of what God is doing through the gospel in other places, but his priestly offering that he can take pride in is the work he has done: “I have reason to boast of my work for […]

We can now see the landing field from our window as Paul banks to the side. Romans is about over. (By the way, we’ll do Psalm 119 next.) In the rest of Romans 15 (vv. 14-33), Paul explains his “apostolic […]

As NT Wright goes to great pains to show, Romans is about including both Jews and Gentiles in the one people of God. Paul urges the Romans, in 15:7, to welcome one another for, and here is a significant perspective […]

I like the prayers of the Bible that begin with “May the God of …”. Paul’s prayer of this sort at Romans 15:5-6 is about God creating unity and together praise Jesus Christ. Here are some more prayers like this […]

Paul doesn’t often appeal to the teachings of Jesus. Sometimes Paul simply takes a big global snapshot of Jesus — like one of those pictures from the space rockets of planet earth. In Romans 15:3, Paul says “For Christ did […]

One of the most interesting features of reading Paul is that it is like listening to one end of a phone conversation. And, all we have is a taped recording of the conversation. And we are listening almost 2000 years […]

I was reared in the kind of Christian faith that made this category of “stumbling blocks” a big issue. There were lots of things we were told — mild way of saying it — not to do because it could […]

Here’s the singular principle of Paul that enables Christians to dwell together in unity is to live “to the Lord.” The alternative is to live to the flesh, or as Paul puts it in Rom 14:7-9, “to ourselves.” It is […]

If food laws can be a source of disruption in a local church, so can holy days — and it is not clear (according to Wright) if the holy days are Christians wondering if they should participate in Roman holy […]

“Welcome,” Paul starts chp 14 of Romans, “those who are weak in faith.” As NT Wright shows, we can’t be sure who the “weak” and the “strong” are — Paul thinks he is one of the strong — but the […]