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Commenting on Psalm 23 is like commenting on the Lord’s Prayer. The text has come to mean so much to so many that anyone’s comments fall short. Again, our guide is John Goldingay: (Psalms 1). Reading Psalm 22 is like […]

Reading Psalm 22 is like watching a pious person wrestle mightily with God, with the self, with others, and with what the person believes in the innermost heart and soul and mind [Psalms 1]. Psalm 22:23ff takes a mighty turn. It […]

Psalm 22 is a struggle, a struggle of the psalmist with his enemies, with himself, with his faith, and with his God. But the psalmist keeps going forward, and I think part of it is shaped by reminding himself of […]

As John Goldingay [Psalms 1]  puts it, Psalm 22 weaves in and out of despair and praise. After two verses of the most memorable expressions of a sense of despair and abandonment, the psalmist turns toward his faith and affirms what he […]

As John Goldingay [Psalms 1]  puts it, Psalm 22 weaves in and out of possibility, the efficacy of prayer, the necessity of praising God and the present needs of the psalmist. This is a famous psalm because Jesus quotes from it on […]

Psalm 21 celebrates in vv. 8-12 the future delivering acts of YHWH. It is not entirely clear at times whether the speaker is speaking of the King or of YHWH, but the two are clearly interwoven, something that is both […]

Psalm 21 follows Psalm 20 both numerically and thematically. It is one distance removed from what happened in Psalm 20, but has the same basic themes: the king’s victory leads to joy and contemplation of more victories. I swipe the […]

Yesterday we began to look at Psalm 20. We observed the prayer was more of a blessing said in the presence of God about the King. The context seems to be the King going to war or to battle. Those […]

Psalm 20 is a unique of liturgical worship (read the Psalm after the jump). It reads as if the People, or some group, is praying for the King in vv. 1-5 and then in v. 6 the King responds, and […]

We close out Psalm 19 today, and we recall that it had two sections — one that saw creation praising God and one that sees the human praising God for his Word. The “word” of creation has a silent praise; […]